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Sanjaya Baru

Sanjaya Baru

Sanjaya Baru was the official spokesman and media adviser to PM Manmohan Singh, between May 2004 and August 2008. Currently, he is the director for geo-economics and strategy at the International Institute of Strategic Studies.


Have you read the book?

We are into what has come to be known as the ‘lit fest’ season. From Delhi to

By Sanjaya Baru January 12, 2019

A year to remember?

The Russian Revolution happened in 1917 and the Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened

By Sanjaya Baru December 29, 2018

Manmohan’s lesson for Modi

In Rajasthan, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was expected to be defeated. In

By Sanjaya Baru December 15, 2018

The losing hand

It was amusing to hear Sonia Gandhi rail against family rule in Telangana. The idea

By Sanjaya Baru December 01, 2018

Demonetising impatient India

Claims and counterclaims on the economic impact of demonetisation have been

By Sanjaya Baru November 17, 2018

The Moses syndrome

There are many definitions of what has been dubbed the Moses syndrome. My favourite

By Sanjaya Baru November 10, 2018

Mind of the mixed-up Indian

I first met Gurcharan Das on the night train to Kalka. It was the mid-1980s. He was

By Sanjaya Baru October 28, 2018

India-Pakistan ties: Forever in liquid oxygen

Everyone has heard that Ajit joke about punishing a scoundrel by dipping him into a

By Sanjaya Baru October 14, 2018

India may function better under Modi, but it has also become anarchic

American economist and diplomat John Kenneth Galbraith, a US Ambassador to India in

By Sanjaya Baru September 30, 2018

The book launch circus

When television became ubiquitous in urban India, many parents worried that their

By Sanjaya Baru September 16, 2018

India’s time is yet to come

Last week, the Pondicherry Literary Festival devoted a session to the question “Can

By Sanjaya Baru September 02, 2018

The foreign hand

For an Indian who has known for long that ‘foreign hands’ try to stir the domestic

By Sanjaya Baru August 19, 2018

Disappointing as a debate

Listening to most of the 12-hour debate in the Lok Sabha on the motion of

By Sanjaya Baru August 05, 2018

Dressing up our ministers

The apparel oft proclaims the man,” Polonius told his son in William Shakespeare’s

By Sanjaya Baru July 22, 2018

Snakes and the rope trick

Political journalism has always been more partisan than other disciplines of the

By Sanjaya Baru July 08, 2018
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