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Sanjaya Baru

Sanjaya Baru

Sanjaya Baru was the official spokesman and media adviser to PM Manmohan Singh, between May 2004 and August 2008. Currently, he is the director for geo-economics and strategy at the International Institute of Strategic Studies.


Dressing up our ministers

The apparel oft proclaims the man,” Polonius told his son in William Shakespeare’s

By Sanjaya Baru July 22, 2018

Snakes and the rope trick

Political journalism has always been more partisan than other disciplines of the

By Sanjaya Baru July 08, 2018

Test for Trumplomacy

It was the mother of all press conferences! For over an hour United States President

By Sanjaya Baru June 24, 2018

Cricket beyond borders

In the end, it was an Australian who did it for Chennai. Don’t think it is the gripe

By Sanjaya Baru June 10, 2018

The politics of age

I first saw Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad during a Group of 15 summit in 1994, at a

By Sanjaya Baru May 27, 2018

A unipolar worldview

One of the consequences of our reliance on the English language in accessing news about the world is...

By Sanjaya Baru July 16, 2017

The guns vs roti debate

It is an old debate being replayed in India. The Americans called it the ‘guns vs butter’ dilemma....

By Sanjaya Baru June 18, 2017

The India-Israel tango

Reading the news recently of the passing away of Justice Leila Seth—India’s first woman Chief Justice...

By Sanjaya Baru May 21, 2017

The republic of bans

I was one of those who joined the protests against the ban on the sale of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic...

By Sanjaya Baru April 23, 2017

After Sonia what?

For all those who have been day-dreaming about a revival of the Congress's fortunes under Rahul...

By Sanjaya Baru March 26, 2017

Prime ministers in the buff

Almost a hundred years ago, in 1919, Nancy Astor became the first woman member of the British...

By Sanjaya Baru February 26, 2017

The non-argumentative Indian

What is the most interesting aspect of the unprecedented experiment in demonetisation? In my view it...

By Sanjaya Baru January 29, 2017

Orange and saffron black swans

Much has been written about the similarities between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States...

By Sanjaya Baru January 01, 2017

Queue up for country

I have always believed that in India, Murphy’s Law acts with a vengeance. If something can go wrong, it...

By Sanjaya Baru December 04, 2016

Taming the dragon

In the bad old days (maybe good old days for some) of the Cold War, the likes of the Philippines...

By Sanjaya Baru October 28, 2016
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