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Vinod Rai

Vinod Rai

Rai is a former comptroller and auditor general of India and is the first chairman of Bank Boards Bureau. He was also the chairman of the UN Panel of External Auditors.


Copycats could not cope

The ides of March descend upon us every year in the form of examinations. Tensions

By Vinod Rai March 18, 2018

Breaking the people’s trust

Banks are the ultimate custodians of people’s trust. They keep the savings of the

By Vinod Rai March 04, 2018

Playing with fire

We had recently read of the ghastly fire in a roof-top cafe in Mumbai, that took 14

By Vinod Rai February 18, 2018

No smoke without fire

We have been drawing attention to and expressing concern for the gross neglect and

By Vinod Rai February 04, 2018

Save our rivers

Water, a substance that we take for granted, has been considered from time

By Vinod Rai January 21, 2018

Poverty, pollution and placement

Two issues that stare the country in its face are unemployment and pollution of the environment. The...

By Vinod Rai January 07, 2018

What's eating Indian sport

Cricket is considered to be a gentleman’s game. In India, it is regulated by a nonprofit organisation...

By Vinod Rai December 24, 2017

Pollution, without solution

It appears that the the ‘ides of March’ have begun to visit Delhiites in November. It was in November...

By Vinod Rai December 10, 2017

Making elephant dance

The World Bank’s Doing Business 2018: Reforming to Create Jobs report indicates that India has climbed...

By Vinod Rai November 26, 2017

Bonding with bonds

The government of India has announced a recapitalisation plan for state public sector banks. The plan...

By Vinod Rai November 12, 2017

Time for simultaneous elections

The country seems to be getting into election mode again. The onset of elections in Gujarat and...

By Vinod Rai October 29, 2017

Clean up your act, India

A headline in a newspaper caught my attention. In fact, it caught much more than merely my attention....

By Vinod Rai October 15, 2017

Pakistan’s pro-democracy army

I spend some time every month with a think tank called the Institute of South Asian Studies, at the...

By Vinod Rai October 01, 2017

Jurassic bark

The story is the same everywhere. When we get in to an office, we make the right noises, adapt to the...

By Vinod Rai September 17, 2017

Taming Blue Whale

The headline in the morning newspaper reads: “Blue Whale: class V pupil suspended.” The news item goes...

By Vinod Rai September 10, 2017
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