Smart and humble

By TheWeek Correspondent
A unified opposition needs the Congress: Sanjay Raut

In exclusive interview, Sena MP says Sharad Pawar can lead opposition front

By Dnyanesh Jathar
Is Naresh Patel the key to ruling Gujarat?

Political parties across the spectrum were ready to welcome the Patidar leader

By Nandini Oza
Ukraine’s multi-front war

Ukraine is at war—not just with its neighbour, but also with infectious diseases.

By Nirmal Jovial
Signs in your eyes

ACCORDING TO a study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, people whose

By Shyla Jovitha Abraham
Attitude at high altitude

To the outsider, Ladakh may seem one of the most inhospitable places on earth. It is

By Tariq Bhat
Evolving luxury

Sustainable design practices are promoting holistic living

By Nirmal Kolte
Equity surge

More money could make its way to equity markets

By Nachiket Kelkar
Breathe easy

Five points an asthma patient should keep in mind before buying health insurance

By Anuradha Sriram