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Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan

Author of For Bumpier Times: An Indian Mother's Guide to 101 Pregnancy & Childcare Practices, she conducts 'Riding the Bump' workshops for expecting mothers and new parents.


DIY way to delivery

IN THE OLDEN DAYS, women who were nearing the end of pregnancy were encouraged to

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 15, 2018

Ultrasounds: too many, too much?

I WAS ACCOMPANIED by my father for my first ultrasound scan. I remember little else

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 10, 2018

Riding the bump with BP

LAST WEEK, my maid grumbled to me about how her niece had turned into an enormous

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 04, 2018

Iron works

CAN IRON DARKEN THE BABY? No, it cannot, but the belief runs deep across the rural

By Lakshmy Ramanathan September 30, 2018

Chew on this

While expecting, I was a vomit-spewing dragon, emptying contents several times a

By Lakshmy Ramanathan September 09, 2018

Dad's the word

TODAY’S DADS are such a different breed from earlier counterparts. They attend

By Lakshmy Ramanathan August 19, 2018

Milky way

A CONSTANT advice expecting or new mothers receive is to drink milk. It is assumed

By Lakshmy Ramanathan July 29, 2018

String attached

IN INDIA, it is not enough to be pregnant before thirty, but equally important to

By Lakshmy Ramanathan July 15, 2018