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Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan is the author of For Bumpier Times: An Indian Mother's Guide to 101 Pregnancy and Childcare Practices.


Silverware for babies?

Silverware is ideal for serving food to both children and people with disabilities

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 03, 2023

What to do for your child's growth pains

Children can experience growth pains till the age of five

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 05, 2023

Weaning woes and ways

Is it safe to use extracts of neem and bitter gourd or coffee?

By Lakshmy Ramanathan October 01, 2023

Traditional or modern medicine for your baby?

Most paediatricians insist that no intervention is needed for minor ailments

By Lakshmy Ramanathan September 03, 2023

Should you pour oil into the nose, ears, mouth of your newborn?

Clinical findings show it is a common cause for mortality and morbidity in infants

By Lakshmy Ramanathan August 06, 2023

Spot a tilt in your baby's neck?

It could be a case of torticollis, which is usually difficult to detect in newborns

By Lakshmy Ramanathan July 09, 2023

How much salt is too much for a baby?

Babies should never be put on a diet

By Lakshmy Ramanathan June 11, 2023

Let the belly button be

Let any protrusion or swelling around your baby's navel stay

By Lakshmy Ramanathan May 07, 2023

Your baby's (crooked) spine is fine

A fully developed spine is actually shaped like an S

By Lakshmy Ramanathan April 02, 2023

Is your baby chubby enough?

Not every newborn fattens up the way we want him or her to

By Lakshmy Ramanathan March 05, 2023

Losing sleep over your baby not sleeping?

Here are some pointers on making your baby sleep

By Lakshmy Ramanathan February 05, 2023

Does warm milk put a baby to sleep?

Yes, it does, as it relaxes muscles, which, in turn, slows down the body's response

By Lakshmy Ramanathan January 01, 2023

Should you rock your baby in a home-made sling?

Medical world and continued use of ancient method point in different directions

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 04, 2022

How to gently stop your child from sucking thumb

Thumb sucking is a temporary phase

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 06, 2022

Are cold rubs good for your baby?

An infant can develop an acute response to the menthol/camphor in them

By Lakshmy Ramanathan October 02, 2022
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