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Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan is the author of For Bumpier Times: An Indian Mother's Guide to 101 Pregnancy and Childcare Practices.


Let the baby’s body be

When a friend had her baby, her help used to squeeze the newborn’s nipples while

By Lakshmy Ramanathan August 01, 2021

On shaping heads and noses of babies

AT BIRTH, my nose didn’t look anything like the sharp, aquiline ones in the family.

By Lakshmy Ramanathan July 04, 2021

Bet on syndets

WHEN MY DAUGHTER was a newborn, I was sold on using kitchen staples as soap. Spoons

By Lakshmy Ramanathan June 06, 2021

Does massage help close baby fontanelles?

Baby massages are an art and science with a mind-boggling set of benefits, both real

By Lakshmy Ramanathan May 02, 2021

Colic clues

When my child was a newborn, she would tuck in her legs and rest her knees on her

By Lakshmy Ramanathan April 04, 2021

Massage mantra

READER RESPONSE to my last column on baby massage was interesting, to say the least!

By Lakshmy Ramanathan March 07, 2021

Much ado about massage?

One of my closest friends returned to India last year, heavily pregnant and hyper

By Lakshmy Ramanathan February 07, 2021

Nursing when ill

IN MAY, the WHO came out with a wonderful 2D hand-drawn animation video by a

By Lakshmy Ramanathan January 03, 2021

Bra to the rescue

When expecting, one’s belly is not the only part of the body expanding; our abdomen

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 06, 2020

Breast milk and allergies

My childhood friend with whom I had spent countless summers plucking mangoes called

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 01, 2020

Facts about frequent nursing

I USED TO NURSE my child frequently—almost 12 times a day with roughly 90 to 120

By Lakshmy Ramanathan March 07, 2020

Is your milk enough for the baby?

A MOTHER'S MILK is capable of satisfying her baby's nutritional requirements. Even

By Lakshmy Ramanathan February 15, 2020

Helping the baby home

IN THE ANIMAL kingdom, newborns reach for their mother’s milk on their own. Only if

By Lakshmy Ramanathan January 24, 2020

Fatty diet, fatty milk?

WHEN MY CHILD was born, my husband did not swoon like the faint-hearted man I had

By Lakshmy Ramanathan January 11, 2020

Milking liquid gold

THIS AUGUST, a breastfeeding report card was released based on the information

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 07, 2019
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