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Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan

Lakshmy Ramanathan is the author of For Bumpier Times: An Indian Mother's Guide to 101 Pregnancy and Childcare Practices.


How to gently stop your child from sucking thumb

Thumb sucking is a temporary phase

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 06, 2022

Are cold rubs good for your baby?

An infant can develop an acute response to the menthol/camphor in them

By Lakshmy Ramanathan October 02, 2022

Can 'kattha masala' ensure rosy lips for your baby?

'Kattha masala' is the peachy-red paste slathered on betel leaves

By Lakshmy Ramanathan September 11, 2022

Kohl’s not all cool

IN THEolden times, kohl was prepared by burning cotton wicks or cloth that was

By Lakshmy Ramanathan August 07, 2022

Let’s talk, baby

WHEN I WAS writing my pregnancy and infant care book, I came across parents with

By Lakshmy Ramanathan July 03, 2022

Going through the motions

WHEN I USED TO conduct workshops for new parents, a common complaint among them was

By Lakshmy Ramanathan June 05, 2022

Do babies need iron supplement?

Iron supplementation may be required only after first six months

By Lakshmy Ramanathan May 08, 2022

Food for tot

IN MOST Indian homes, at least a generation ago, introducing solid food to babies

By Lakshmy Ramanathan April 03, 2022

How to dress your baby right

SPRING IS around the corner and while crop tops, sleeveless shirts and shorts have

By Lakshmy Ramanathan March 06, 2022

The right way to bathe your baby

One of my aunts just became a grandmother. Her daughter had had a cesarean and found

By Lakshmy Ramanathan February 06, 2022

Picking the right mattress for your baby

LAST WEEK, A FRIEND from the US called saying that her mother was not happy with the

By Lakshmy Ramanathan January 02, 2022

Basics of baby wearing

EVEN A DECADE AGO, baby wearing in most Indian cities was a rare sight. Neither had

By Lakshmy Ramanathan December 05, 2021

Does tonsuring improve a baby's hair quality?

A child’s first tonsure is of much cultural significance in our society. It is seen

By Lakshmy Ramanathan October 03, 2021

Say no to hot water baths for babies, writes Lakshmy Ramanathan

My baby’s bath temperature used to be so high that the bath thermometer melted when

By Lakshmy Ramanathan September 05, 2021

When and how to get your baby's ear pierced

I got my baby’s ears pierced without my husband’s knowledge. He was very clear he

By Lakshmy Ramanathan November 07, 2021
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