Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant is G20 Sherpa and former CEO of NITI Aayog.

Indian cuisine a beacon of our soft power on global stage

Global popularity of Indian cuisine is due to its ability to cater to diverse palates

By Amitabh Kant May 26, 2024

Lessons from Bengaluru’s water crisis

Balancing development ambitions with changing climate key

By Amitabh Kant April 28, 2024

Rise of Indian soft power

By harmonising its initiatives, India can effectively navigate challenges

By Amitabh Kant March 31, 2024

Expansion of cities calls for measures to make them disaster-resistant

Financing climate-resilient initiatives poses a significant challenge

By Amitabh Kant March 03, 2024

Why 100 per cent electrification by 2030 is critical

India’s EV sector is observing a significant number of collaborations

By Amitabh Kant February 04, 2024

COP28: Move beyond rhetoric

The urgency of climate action is clear

By Amitabh Kant January 07, 2024

Fourth estate must evolve to meet the demands of AI

Journalism education must incorporate AI into its curriculum

By Amitabh Kant December 10, 2023

Government should identify the top 10 deep tech sectors for India

India stands at the cusp of a deep tech revolution

By Amitabh Kant November 12, 2023

India's G20 presidency has been transformative

It has been a privilege to serve as Modi's G20 Sherpa

By Amitabh Kant October 15, 2023

Shaping liveable cities

Rapid urbanisation in India has brought forth a myriad of complexities

By Amitabh Kant September 17, 2023

Sustainable blue economy is important for India and world

India, with its rich maritime resources, has a unique opportunity to lead the way

By Amitabh Kant August 20, 2023

Addressing our water challenges

India's water scarcity crisis is evident in alarming statistics

By Amitabh Kant July 23, 2023

How India is empowering women and promoting their leadership

India recognises the importance of women's representation

By Amitabh Kant June 25, 2023

Industrialise, yes; carbonise, no

Growth cannot come at the expense of sustainability anymore

By Amitabh Kant May 28, 2023

Why Indians should be fighting fit

It will help ease the burden on our health care system, and help the economy

By Amitabh Kant April 30, 2023
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