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Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker is an award-winning Bollywood actor and sometime writer and social commentator.

Bitter Chocolate

The Black Death of our time

The world became more connected in these past two weeks. Unfortunately, the reason

By Swara Bhasker March 29, 2020

In defence of protest as picnic

Ideologies of hate abhor proof of coexistence. This is true of Salafism’s stringent

By Swara Bhasker March 07, 2020

Songs about the dark times

Two weeks ago, some friends and I were discussing how public debates and

By Swara Bhasker February 22, 2020

Spring comes to Shaheen Bagh

India has always been a very exciting place. But nowadays, actions and occurrences

By Swara Bhasker February 08, 2020

Do women scare you, trolls?

In 2018, I acted in a female-driven film about four urban women and their trials and

By Swara Bhasker January 25, 2020

When JNU was saved—not by cops

On January 5, I had packed up early from a shoot in Mumbai. I was looking forward to

By Swara Bhasker January 11, 2020

The mob monster within you

Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness has the mysterious Kurtz exclaiming, “The horror,

By Swara Bhasker December 14, 2019

My mother, me and JNU

For as long as I can recall, my mother, Prof Ira Bhaskar, has always had her

By Swara Bhasker November 30, 2019

A trip down Nehru lane

The sheer scale of the smear campaign directed at Jawaharlal Nehru in the last six

By Swara Bhasker November 16, 2019

Hope that dispels darkness

We live in a time when our traditional festivals have all turned into mega-shopping

By Swara Bhasker November 02, 2019

What JNU taught me

Jawaharlal Nehru University has achieved both iconic status and a glamorous

By Swara Bhasker October 19, 2019

Praise Gandhi, chant Godse

Mahatma Gandhi has been described in many ways during his lifetime and since his

By Swara Bhasker October 05, 2019

When English became Indian

On September 14, on the occasion of Hindi Divas, the Union home minister made a

By Swara Bhasker September 21, 2019

Hussain made my Ganesh

India is a land of many things. But, above all, it is a land of festivals. I do not

By Swara Bhasker September 07, 2019

When I met my internet troll

Let me begin, dear reader, with a confession. I am probably one of India’s most

By Swara Bhasker August 24, 2019