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Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker is an award-winning Bollywood actor and sometime writer and social commentator.

Bitter Chocolate

‘Bulli Bai’, ‘Sulli Deals’ show we made our youth monsters: Swara Bhasker

For many Indians, especially Muslims, the New Year began on a bitter note with the

By Swara Bhasker January 16, 2022

Swara Bhasker on the lesson she learnt from the year gone by

Every year, towards the end of December, I take stock of how I spent the year,

By Swara Bhasker January 02, 2022

Swara Bhasker on how adoption marries desire for family, concern for orphans

I remember the exact moment when I realised why people have children. It was a sunny

By Swara Bhasker December 19, 2021

Swara Bhasker decodes rightwing outrage over Vir Das’s viral monologue

Recently, popular Indian comic Vir Das posted a video of a monologue he performed at

By Swara Bhasker December 05, 2021

Swara Bhasker: Despite her aristocratic birth, Dr Rani Ray was a revolutionary in spirit

Rani di, as my mother called her, smelled of cigarettes and perfume. My mother’s

By Swara Bhasker November 21, 2021

Swara Bhasker on a festive season amid calls for boycotts, bans by Hindutva goons

Festivals around the world are occasions to share joy, food, celebration, resources

By Swara Bhasker November 07, 2021

Swara Bhasker writes on the Sanghi hatred for Bollywood

Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, is in jail. At the time of writing this, no drugs

By Swara Bhasker October 24, 2021

Adapt Gandhi’s teachings in our own ways to suit our chaotic lives: Swara Bhasker

The idea of non-violent resistance to injustice is age-old. Be it the Jews

By Swara Bhasker October 10, 2021

Swara Bhasker on how being seen constantly by a lens affects one's sense of self

Focus… sound rolling… camera rolling… action!” Words ‘on camera’ actors live with

By Swara Bhasker September 26, 2021

Swara Bhasker: My online existence is beginning to cause real life wounds!

I live a split life. One is my real, daily, physical life that is spent between

By Swara Bhasker September 12, 2021

Don't justify one kind of terror but condemn another, based on identity: Swara Bhasker

I have got quite addicted to a Turkish television series called Muhtesem Yuzyil,

By Swara Bhasker August 29, 2021

Tokyo 2020 showed cyber celebrations are sexism couched in compliments: Swara Bhasker

Tokyo 2020 has had enough drama to spawn multiple adapted movie screenplays. We have

By Swara Bhasker August 15, 2021

Swara Bhasker on why she feels violated in light of Pegasus Project revelations

When I was 11, I got ‘a room of my own’ in the house we lived in. It was part chance

By Swara Bhasker August 01, 2021

Swara Bhasker on her lifelong relationship with fast food

I returned home to Delhi last week for a short break. At the end of a sumptuous meal

By Swara Bhasker July 18, 2021

In age of phone camera, everyone is a performer, including criminals: Swara Bhasker

A lynching is no longer a new or unusual occurrence in “New India”. It has become

By Swara Bhasker July 04, 2021
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