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Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker is an award-winning Bollywood actor and sometime writer and social commentator.

Bitter Chocolate

Goodbye, dear readers

If I seemed a bit too passionate, forgive me for my heart was in the right place

By Swara Bhasker October 15, 2023

When anchors, aka propagandists, spread rancour

Most electronic Indian media channels have acted as lapdogs of the govt

By Swara Bhasker October 01, 2023

Three countries, same story. But how will history judge Indians?

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan are grappling with religious extremism and mob violence

By Swara Bhasker September 03, 2023

When the fire comes home, nobody is safe

None of my privileges would protect my partner, my family, from hate politics

By Swara Bhasker August 20, 2023

Fix accountability in Manipur

Isn't it the basic duty of an elected govt, to safeguard the lives of its people?

By Swara Bhasker August 06, 2023

How do I protect my child from the mother's angst?

My unborn child will have an entire life to deal with the realities

By Swara Bhasker July 23, 2023

Adipurush fiasco: When idiocy and hypocrisy reign supreme

The irony is too delicious to ignore

By Swara Bhasker July 09, 2023

Brijbhushan vs. Brand Modi

Brand Modi is not yet so fragile that it needs a history sheeter

By Swara Bhasker June 25, 2023

Speak up for justice, fellow Indians

We are scared of some unknown retribution

By Swara Bhasker June 11, 2023

If not Modi, then who? So many

States in India have been finding alternative leadership to Modi’s BJP

By Swara Bhasker May 28, 2023

Kerala Story is not a true story

No one has understood the power of Bollywood like the RSS-BJP

By Swara Bhasker May 14, 2023

When those in power act like criminals, it is anarchy

UP has seen 183 encounters by police since Yogi Adityanath became CM

By Swara Bhasker April 30, 2023

How Ravans are donning colours and crown of righteous Ram

Psychological and emotional assault on the Muslim psyche in India is evident

By Swara Bhasker April 16, 2023

Because my friend Annie is Pakistani!

Despite her best efforts and my father’s sincere attempts, Annie could not get a visa

By Swara Bhasker April 02, 2023

Love is hard. Interfaith love in India is harder

In 2023, shouldn’t the right to marry who you choose, be a basic right for all?

By Swara Bhasker March 05, 2023
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