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Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker is an award-winning Bollywood actor and sometime writer and social commentator.

Bitter Chocolate

Disha of the drift

Every fortnight, when my deadline to submit this column nears, I rack my brain to

By Swara Bhasker February 28, 2021

No country for opinions

I remember a clapping game limerick from childhood, which went something like

By Swara Bhasker February 14, 2021

Artiste as disruptor

A famous dialogue from The Dirty Picture proclaimed that films were about

By Swara Bhasker January 31, 2021

Heart and soul with farmers

I had never heard of Singhu or Tikri before the farmers’ protests erupted at the end

By Swara Bhasker January 17, 2021

The year of gratitude

2019 was a bad year for me—personally and professionally. As it drew to a close, I

By Swara Bhasker January 03, 2021

How Covid changed cine-biz

That the pandemic gave businesses across the world a battering is a truth. Daily

By Swara Bhasker December 20, 2020

Demands of my team (domestic chapter)

As I boarded the flight to return to Mumbai after six months in Delhi, I made a note

By Swara Bhasker November 22, 2020

The magic of action and cut

Vijaydan Detha in his short story, Rijak Ki Maryada, explores the relationship

By Swara Bhasker November 08, 2020

Stand up, Bollywood

On my first trip to Pakistan in 2005, I was walking the bylanes of a Lahore market

By Swara Bhasker October 25, 2020

Caste deniers, crime deniers

A column on Mahatma Gandhi, I thought as I opened my laptop to write this column,

By Swara Bhasker October 11, 2020

Gram and the generation gone by

Social media has become the single-most defining development of the last decade, one

By Swara Bhasker September 27, 2020

Public decency has just perished

Watching Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in London I was thoroughly shaken by it. The

By Swara Bhasker September 13, 2020

Eliot, you were so accurate

2019 was a bad year for me. Instagram seemed to agree that 2019 sucked for the world

By Swara Bhasker August 30, 2020

Connect with their uneasiness

I remember going for a trek in 2016 to the Kinnaur Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It

By Swara Bhasker August 16, 2020

The pain behind the anger

It’s been over a month since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, and the air on social

By Swara Bhasker August 02, 2020
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