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Anuja Chauhan

Anuja Chauhan

The brain behind some of the most memorable ad slogans like Yeh Dil Maange More, Oye Bubbly and Nothing official about it, Anuja Chauhan worked with JWT India for more than 17 years. A best-seller author, screenwriter and an advertising consultant, she is also a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


I can't chill when fabric of India is in extreme pain: Anuja Chauhan

Islamophobia is so normalised that those pointing it out are seen as party poopers

By Anuja Chauhan May 15, 2022

Anuja Chauhan on 'small' Alia Bhatt's small wedding

The tradition of small weddings especially during times of adversity is a long one

By Anuja Chauhan May 01, 2022

Anuja Chauhan on why the hijab ban will not work

People realised that girls not wearing hijab to school will not benefit India

By Anuja Chauhan March 06, 2022

Bingo's the word, writes Anuja Chauhan

We need more Wordles to bring the world together

By Anuja Chauhan February 20, 2022

Beneath India Gate is the primest, sweetest spot our martyrs deserve: Anuja Chauhan

So, the Amar Jawan Jyoti flame no longer burns beneath the India Gate in what is

By Anuja Chauhan February 06, 2022

Did PM, president discuss genocide call against 200 million Indians, asks Anuja Chauhan

Pardon me if the words “stuck on a flyover for over 15 minutes” do not fill me with

By Anuja Chauhan January 23, 2022

Modi's new looks: PM needs to have the best head of hair possible, says Anuja Chauhan

I would call this the year of the big trim. When it began, our PM had long-flowing

By Anuja Chauhan December 26, 2021

Anuja Chauhan writes ‘83’ trailer makes her wistful about the '80s and '90s

Still have goosebumps from watching the trailer of Kabir Khan’s ’83. I have seen it

By Anuja Chauhan December 12, 2021

Propaganda machines say hindutva and Hinduism are the same: Anuja Chauhan

My name is Chauhan and I am not a tva-rorist. What’s that, you may ask? Well,

By Anuja Chauhan November 28, 2021

Anuja Chauhan decodes rightwing outrage over Sabyasachi’s new ad

Why exactly is this BJP gent what’s-his-name so triggered by Sabyasachi’s

By Anuja Chauhan November 14, 2021

What are we going to do about India's ‘about to’ syndrome, asks Anuja Chauhan

Recently, Virat Kohli put out a tweet asking people to stay tuned as he was about to

By Anuja Chauhan October 31, 2021

Anuja Chauhan on the national tit-for-tat policy

A couple of day ago we were fortunate enough to have the honourable chief minister

By Anuja Chauhan October 17, 2021

Anuja Chauhan writes on govt’s ‘paperwork diktat’ to Sonu Sood

I have just returned from the fifth edition of the Ooty Lit Fest, held every year in

By Anuja Chauhan October 03, 2021

Why are we vilifying Gurnam Singh Chaduni, asks Anuja Chauhan

I love the name this new traders' party from Punjab has given itself—Bhartiya Arthik

By Anuja Chauhan September 19, 2021

'Right to be forgotten’ does not seem very legit, opines Anuja Chauhan

So my kids invoked their ‘Right to be Forgotten’ in an argument today. They said

By Anuja Chauhan September 05, 2021
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