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Anuja Chauhan

Anuja Chauhan

The brain behind some of the most memorable ad slogans like Yeh Dil Maange More, Oye Bubbly and Nothing official about it, Anuja Chauhan worked with JWT India for more than 17 years. A best-seller author, screenwriter and an advertising consultant, she is also a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


The cheerleader effect

Everybody loves a boy band. From the Beatles, to Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men, to

By Anuja Chauhan August 09, 2020

Shameful, disgusting forcefulness

This week one Shubham Mishra, who I have never heard of before—unleashed a vile

By Anuja Chauhan July 26, 2020

The spectacle that life is

Remember the good old days when you did not have to prove you loved your country by

By Anuja Chauhan June 28, 2020

Poor Indian lives matter?

My daughter came to me really triggered a couple of days ago. (That is current

By Anuja Chauhan June 14, 2020

Taking bus #11 home

My grandmother had a rather charming description for pedestrian travel. If she

By Anuja Chauhan May 31, 2020

Behind #boislockerroom

Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baaten hoti rehti hain. In big-big countries,

By Anuja Chauhan May 17, 2020

Lockdown breakdown

Horrible things are happening. As cabin fever intensifies on a locked down world,

By Anuja Chauhan May 03, 2020

Time for a better world

So, my 86-year-old father, who is spending his quarantine alone in his apartment in

By Anuja Chauhan April 19, 2020

Iron men, or feet of clay?

If you really feel the urge to milk something, go find a cow,” read the rather terse

By Anuja Chauhan April 05, 2020

Show-offs to stay home

Phew, thank God for the coronavirus. Usually, I dread the summer vacations because

By Anuja Chauhan March 14, 2020

Delhi’s punishment for picking love

Last fortnight, buoyed by the Delhi election verdict, I wrote what now seems to be a

By Anuja Chauhan February 29, 2020

Love, not lotus, blooms in Delhi

I will be honest, it has sucked to be a Delhiite in recent times. Because no matter

By Anuja Chauhan February 15, 2020

Amit Shah’s bitter lemonade

Because India is a country of many languages, because illiteracy is so rampant and

By Anuja Chauhan February 01, 2020

Wake up and smell the vagina

Overheard at a party recently. A drunken gent talking to an attractive woman, who

By Anuja Chauhan January 18, 2020

Four words against fascism

You can always judge how organic a protest is by the kind of placards and banners

By Anuja Chauhan January 04, 2020
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