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Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria connects the dots between fashion and the world around us.

Priyanka Chopra raised the issue of body positivity. It's time to discuss it

The pursuit of beauty is human, never mind one's size, shape, colour or gender

By Namrata Zakaria April 02, 2023

How fashion weeks lost much of their old-world glamour

In these times of digital media, brands are creating their own narrative

By Namrata Zakaria March 26, 2023

How queer couture is showing the way

If you haven’t seen Abu-Sandeep’s revolutionary campaigns yet, please leave the room

By Namrata Zakaria March 19, 2023

Here's the lowdown on real estate battle in Mumbai between top fashion designers

By keeping alive the city's heritage, they prove how culturally committed they are

By Namrata Zakaria March 12, 2023

Is Kohinoor's absence at coronation a first step towards its return?

Its repatriation has been ongoing for too long

By Namrata Zakaria March 05, 2023

Kiara Advani's 'aha' moment

Kiara and Sid, perhaps, wanted a relaxed and fuss-free wedding

By Namrata Zakaria February 26, 2023

Time to give jeans the boot? Namrata Zakaria shares why she is not a fan of jeans

Versatility in the wardrobe will let us dress more stylishly

By Namrata Zakaria February 19, 2023

With Instagram, fashion is less about clothes and more about seeking attention

Schiaparelli's collection in Paris, for example, was inspired by Dante's hell

By Namrata Zakaria February 12, 2023

Why getting influencers to reveal paid brand associations is not a bad thing

India’s mega influencers hold as much power as movie stars

By Namrata Zakaria February 05, 2023

Buying more handmade Indian items and paying a better price

Indian artisans make beautiful items by hand, as a ‘luxury’ today

By Namrata Zakaria January 29, 2023

The fall and rise of designer Manish Arora

If he can figure out how to manage his finances, he can be back in the game

By Namrata Zakaria January 22, 2023

Vivienne Westwood: The politics of a punk queen

She was as much an activist as she was a designer

By Namrata Zakaria January 15, 2023

My mother's saris tie me to her, her culture and her roots

After her passing, Indian textiles and Kutch crafts mean so much more to me

By Namrata Zakaria January 08, 2023

Why orange has complex relationship with fashion, too

Deepika Padukone's orange swimsuit in 'Besharam Rang' song 'hurt Hindu sentiments'

By Namrata Zakaria January 01, 2023

After pandemic pyjamas and athleisure, sexy is back in fashion

Sexy today is about feeling sexy from within

By Namrata Zakaria December 25, 2022
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