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Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria connects the dots between fashion and the world around us.

Uorfi Javed has both beauty and a backbone

Uorfi is challenging the current crop of heroines and their idea of Insta-fashion

By Namrata Zakaria December 11, 2022

What Deepika's lacklustre launch of self-care brand says about celeb beauty industry

Consumers are questioning whether celebs know much about their beauty brands

By Namrata Zakaria December 04, 2022

Huma Qureshi shines as villain and victim of 'Monica, O My Darling'

It's been a while since an Indian actress upchucked the get-slim-get-sexy memo

By Namrata Zakaria November 27, 2022

Netflix's Dubai Bling offers new narrative of the wealthy Arab family

The show is eye candy—with lavish mansions, top brands and fancy cars

By Namrata Zakaria November 20, 2022

The Kardashians is going to be known for a shockingly slim Kim

Will Kim, who lost 27kg, bring the skinny mould back to the fashion lexicon?

By Namrata Zakaria November 13, 2022

It is wonderful when a designer label gives back to its artisans

11.11 explained what sustainability meant to many of us

By Namrata Zakaria November 06, 2022

Fashion business's biggest problem now is that it has no money

It is Reliance money that upheld the recent FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week

By Namrata Zakaria October 30, 2022

Image of Sonia in telia rumal sari with her son Rahul brought much cheer

She inherited her love for handloom saris from Indira Gandhi

By Namrata Zakaria October 23, 2022

Decoding dress codes

Even as a revolution over the mandatory hijab rule is shaking Iran after the arcane

By Namrata Zakaria October 16, 2022

Headscarf - symbol of religious oppression - can become emblem of inclusion

Veil is ghoonghat for Hindus, head-covering for Christians, and tichel for Jews

By Namrata Zakaria October 09, 2022

Post pandemic, traffic in malls is yet to turn into revenue

To truly thrive, they need customers who buy and not just browse

By Namrata Zakaria October 02, 2022

What the Queen's clothes said about her

The Queen had a full spectrum of hues, from indigo to pink to yellow to green

By Namrata Zakaria September 25, 2022

All you need to know about Alia Bhatt's fashion faux pas

Life may not be perfect, but your outfit needs to be

By Namrata Zakaria September 18, 2022

For designer Rimzim Dadu, fashion is less about clothes and more about art

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art celebrated 15 years of the 'invisible' fashion hero

By Namrata Zakaria September 11, 2022

Why crafts are so important to India

The story of Indian fashion is the story of Indian crafts

By Namrata Zakaria September 04, 2022
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