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Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria connects the dots between fashion and the world around us.

Sad only few female-led films have brought in numbers

Crew has entered the prestigious Rs 100 crore club

By Namrata Zakaria April 21, 2024

Like Alexander McQueen, Alessandro Michele is no ordinary creative talent

Michele's debut for Gucci was a menswear show

By Namrata Zakaria April 14, 2024

The allure of the white shirt

It is possibly the most timeless piece in your wardrobe

By Namrata Zakaria April 07, 2024

The yays and nays of fashion week

The fashion week model lives only for emotional reasons

By Namrata Zakaria March 31, 2024

Indian ready-to-wear is a small space ready to go big

Designer ready-to-wear is usually priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 30,000

By Namrata Zakaria March 24, 2024

Understanding dress codes from Jamnagar

Minute by minute account of the three-day festivities

By Namrata Zakaria March 17, 2024

Is fashion trash? Yes

Fashion's dependence on plastic is taking its toll

By Namrata Zakaria March 10, 2024

How older models are stealing the show today

These girls, well into their 40s, would give newer flock a run for their runway

By Namrata Zakaria March 03, 2024

How female friendships can save us, from ennui, anxiety and worse

They are the most important relationship a woman will have in her life

By Namrata Zakaria February 25, 2024

It's raining menswear

Indian men have historically been peacocks

By Namrata Zakaria February 18, 2024

Why corsets seem to be the flavour this red carpet season

Corsets were born as an undergarment to sculpt the torso into the desired shape

By Namrata Zakaria February 11, 2024

How Orry turned himself into a social media phenomenon

Orry's game might be fame, but he uses it to motivate others to think out of the box

By Namrata Zakaria February 04, 2024

How to dress a teenager

The test of a parent's patience is watching their kids get dressed

By Namrata Zakaria January 28, 2024

This red carpet season, Hollywood can take notes from Bollywood

Red carpets don't have to offer spectacles to be spectacular

By Namrata Zakaria January 21, 2024

Why have luxury goods gotten so absurdly expensive?

A Chanel handbag costs more than double in 2023 than it did in 2016

By Namrata Zakaria January 14, 2024
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