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Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria connects the dots between fashion and the world around us.

The cool bag called Neverfull

For women, our handbags mirror our true selves

By Namrata Zakaria December 10, 2023

Jasmeen Kaur and a tale of Indian entrepreneurship

Kaur, an Insta-find, is the new viral queen, thanks to her 'looking like a wow' video

By Namrata Zakaria December 03, 2023

Fashion has always loved a strong red

The colour red has become the season's preferred dress code

By Namrata Zakaria November 26, 2023

Celebs have understood their image depends on red carpets and airport looks

They all partake of the new paparazzi culture

By Namrata Zakaria November 19, 2023

How Indian jewellery is now speaking a global language

Modern women want jewels they can change daily to match contemporary outfits

By Namrata Zakaria November 12, 2023

Why have women designers not scaled the heights that men have in India?

The irony is that India's earliest “designers” were enterprising housewives

By Namrata Zakaria November 05, 2023

Netflix's 'Beckham' showed a man is lucky if his wife is anything like Victoria

Much of David Beckham's success comes from his wife's smarts

By Namrata Zakaria October 29, 2023

Will Manish Malhotra let go of the sari as Air India's uniform?

It is a conundrum, as Malhotra is loved for his glamorous saris

By Namrata Zakaria October 22, 2023

Why Parineeti's veil with husband's name on it had my head scratching

Isn't this but another way of the man marking the woman as his territory?

By Namrata Zakaria October 15, 2023

How the Chanakya girls have become powerhouses in fashion and retail

They run The Chanakya School, which teaches embroidery to the less privileged

By Namrata Zakaria October 08, 2023

Here's what happens inside a drag party

I loved what a subversion of fashion drag dressing was

By Namrata Zakaria October 01, 2023

How dignitaries delightfully experimented with Indian clothing at G20

Except for Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty, who were predictably dull

By Namrata Zakaria September 24, 2023

Fast fashion to fab fashion—Zara

Is Zara selling old wine in a new bottle? Yes, a bottle of bubbly

By Namrata Zakaria September 17, 2023

Why second-hand fashion is now being largely coveted

Brands like Hermes and Chanel have stopped selling to potential resellers

By Namrata Zakaria September 10, 2023

Which luxury brands are hot and which are not when it comes to after-sales care

The 'right to repair' movement in the US is catching on in the UK and in India

By Namrata Zakaria September 03, 2023
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