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Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria

Namrata Zakaria connects the dots between fashion and the world around us.

Sonakshi Sinha’s bridal saris speak much, but tell us little

Regardless, a marriage should be nobody's business except the couple's

By Namrata Zakaria July 21, 2024

How Taylor Swift became a symbol of fast fashion

Her rejection of high fashion is a rejection of her supposed privilege

By Namrata Zakaria July 14, 2024

Diljit Dosanjh had us at Oye

He wears his culture, his ‘Punjabiyat’, on his sleeve

By Namrata Zakaria July 07, 2024

Much of my understanding of fine things came from my grandfather’s quirks

'He once told me that a man who cleans his own toilet will always be humble'

By Namrata Zakaria June 30, 2024

Fashion tales from the Himalayas

Brands in the Himalayas are different from what you get to see anywhere else

By Namrata Zakaria June 23, 2024

Tiffany: The world's most famous jewellery brand is in India

It has created a perception of luxury that few can ape

By Namrata Zakaria June 16, 2024

Nancy Tyagi and her DIY fashion was the show-stopper at Cannes

She stands for an India that thrives with its hustle, with its strong and loud voice

By Namrata Zakaria June 02, 2024

Are consumers tired of being taken for a ride by luxury labels?

Luxury labels have fallen out of favour with celebrities too

By Namrata Zakaria May 26, 2024

Bhansali's courtesans in Heeramandi are overdressed, but oh, what clothes!

The period drama deep-dives into the lives and costumes of the time

By Namrata Zakaria May 19, 2024

Dressing for the weather

Globalisation and industrialisation have wreaked havoc on our wardrobes

By Namrata Zakaria May 12, 2024

Hermes’s lawsuit may do more damage than one imagines

This suit may change the luxury game forever

By Namrata Zakaria May 05, 2024

The curious case of brands refusing to dress celebrities

Dressing up public figures is a rather sticky idea

By Namrata Zakaria April 28, 2024

Sad only few female-led films have brought in numbers

Crew has entered the prestigious Rs 100 crore club

By Namrata Zakaria April 21, 2024

Like Alexander McQueen, Alessandro Michele is no ordinary creative talent

Michele's debut for Gucci was a menswear show

By Namrata Zakaria April 14, 2024

The allure of the white shirt

It is possibly the most timeless piece in your wardrobe

By Namrata Zakaria April 07, 2024
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