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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Resident Editor, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982


Rail crosses on Silk Road

The spell of the silk seems to be wearing off for most of China's partners

By R Prasannan September 24, 2023

No woman, no southerner

Tailoring terms of assemblies to suit central legislatures goes against federalism

By R Prasannan September 17, 2023

Missing a dalit messiah

Dalit consciousness in India is more vibrant today than ever before

By R Prasannan September 10, 2023

Team Kharge: more brains less brawn

Kharge overlooked the electoral ballast that each leader carries

By R Prasannan September 03, 2023

Agonies over Macaulay's 2Ls

Let’s not throw our beloved India into another bout of linguistic agony

By R Prasannan August 27, 2023

The sceptre of the sea lords

Since when has a baton become colonial?

By R Prasannan August 20, 2023

Countdown to the finest hours

A no-trust motion brings out the best in Parliament

By R Prasannan August 13, 2023

Mystery of the red diary

No one knows what is there in the Gudha diary

By R Prasannan August 06, 2023

Made-in-INDIA dilemma

What happens if the alliance loses the next Maharashtra election

By R Prasannan July 30, 2023

A capital crisis in Kerala

Kochi is already bursting at its seams

By R Prasannan July 23, 2023

Early election to Lok Sabha?

The opposition are still in disarray

By R Prasannan July 16, 2023

Killers' opera ends in farce

Wagner should be a wake-up call

By R Prasannan July 09, 2023

A seat in the south for Modi

Will it be Kanyakumari, Ramanathapuram or Thiruvananthapuram?

By R Prasannan July 02, 2023

Confess, Mr Attorney!

If the ruling goes against Trump, it would give nightmares to all lawyers

By R Prasannan June 25, 2023

To quit or not to quit

It's tougher for rail ministers to stay on, and right the wrongs

By R Prasannan June 18, 2023
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