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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Resident Editor, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982


How Americans are losing the script in Middle East

It’s time for the free world to look for another leader

By R Prasannan April 02, 2023

Why Naidu's Xanadu is in triple trouble

The good people of Andhra are in a capital quandary

By R Prasannan March 26, 2023

Why judges abhor vacuum

Constitution doesn't say how to select CEC or the commissioners

By R Prasannan March 19, 2023

Congress's cry from Raipur

Any third front will benefit the BJP-NDA, says the Congress

By R Prasannan March 12, 2023

Caesar's wife in Raj Bhavans

Does a judge have to remain like Caesar’s wife after he ceases to be a judge?

By R Prasannan March 05, 2023

How Ranil Wikramasinghe is reaching out to Tamils

How would Sinhala majoritarians react? The local body poll results may tell us

By R Prasannan February 26, 2023

Musharraf and his 3 little Indians

A PM, a general and a naib subedar brought him to his knees

By R Prasannan February 19, 2023

A dam good deal on the Indus

Not good for India to reopen it

By R Prasannan February 12, 2023

Excellencies and Hon'ble CMs, stop this tomfoolery!

Ananda Bose, Mamata Banerjee show the way for other governors, CMs

By R Prasannan February 05, 2023

Speak the truth on Joshimath

NDMA’s gag order will harm the Himalayan towns and science

By R Prasannan January 29, 2023

A spring in Rahul 'yatri' Gandhi's step

The winter break has done Rahul some good

By R Prasannan January 22, 2023

Free lunches is good economics

People ate them during the bad times and worked hard

By R Prasannan January 15, 2023

Kathmandu's house of cards

Nepali politicians have been changing partners at the drop of a dhaka topi

By R Prasannan January 08, 2023

Why addressing MPs as 'gentlemen' is objectionable

Protocols and courtesies have their uses

By R Prasannan January 01, 2023

Belagavi dispute: How Karnataka and Maharashtra can resolve it

Prevent showdowns, and let the dispute linger on till it becomes irrelevant

By R Prasannan December 18, 2022
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