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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Resident Editor, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982


Satraps and sultans with black beards

Sarma used Ahom hero Lachit Barphukan to turn the tale around

By R Prasannan December 11, 2022

We ought to do something for people to make even fewer babies

Worry is not whether there will be many Hindus or many Muslims

By R Prasannan December 04, 2022

How friends turned foes and foes friends after Rajiv Gandhi's assassination

Nalini's release comes at a time when Congress and DMK have become friends again

By R Prasannan November 27, 2022

EWS quota: Entitlements will change with every rupee one earns

The individual, rich or poor, is now the central point of the quota discourse

By R Prasannan November 20, 2022

Arvind Kejriwal's problem is not money. He wants an ideology

Kejriwal is moving towards identity or majoritarian right. Will it work in Gujarat?

By R Prasannan November 13, 2022

In haggling over free trade, Sunak may be a tougher nut to crack

Sunak will be as good or as bad to India as any beef-eating Anglo-Saxon would be

By R Prasannan November 06, 2022

To tag or not to tag Congress? Opposition leaders cannot decide

Mamata and KCR believe Congress tag would be millstone around their necks

By R Prasannan October 30, 2022

How Mulayam Singh Yadav muted an Air Force 'mutiny'

Yadav helped Gujral resist US pressure on missile programme

By R Prasannan October 23, 2022

5G hare and an old tortoise

It is transition time on this page, where Sachidananda Murthy has been engaging and

By R Prasannan October 16, 2022

How diplomats and statesmen read too much between the lines

They toast over sweet nothings and trip over commas in the wrong place

By R Prasannan October 09, 2022

Why the greatest legacy of monarchical Britain is parliamentary democracy

A lot of India's parliamentary practices evolved from British practices

By R Prasannan September 25, 2022

Blaming an SP for leaving PM stranded on highway won't resolve VVIP security issues

What Supreme Court has done now could have been done by Union home ministry

By R Prasannan September 11, 2022

Count the Gurkhas in for Agnipath

Nepal earns 4,200 crore a year as pay, pension from India

By R Prasannan August 14, 2022

From Irwin to Murmu: The house of political stability

Presidency is largely symbolic, but not totally

By R Prasannan July 31, 2022

Millet men in the PMO

Millets grow fast, in dry land or rainy region, and in the plains or on the hills

By R Prasannan July 17, 2022
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