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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Chief of Bureau, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


A school for scandal and eminence

N. Gopalaswami is not only a believer in astrology, but also a practitioner of it.

By R Prasannan July 29, 2018

For a few dollars more

Narendra Modi is yet to get us the 115 lakh that he had promised every one of us

By R Prasannan July 15, 2018

Case of the mandarins’ missing minds

When Abraham Lincoln was practising law, a rich man approached him for suing his

By R Prasannan July 01, 2018

Guide their excellencies, m’lords!

A foreign scribe asked me why last week's governors' conference, though coming on

By R Prasannan June 17, 2018

Lands ahoy to the east

Narendra Modi isn't taking a boat or a battleship from Port Blair to Sabang in

By R Prasannan June 03, 2018

Drunk on the dregs of Nehruvian history

Daphne du Maurier’s little known novel The Flight of the Falcon is about two

By R Prasannan May 20, 2018

Rape of the law, repeated

Many years ago, a school bus fell into the Yamuna in Delhi. Several children trapped

By R Prasannan May 06, 2018

Slowing down the Goyal Express

Though they emitted smoke, trains looked good when they were pulled by coal engines.

By R Prasannan April 22, 2018

With a Tiger, burning midnight bulb

One night in July 1987. The Indo-Sri Lanka accord, which Rajiv Gandhi hoped would

By R Prasannan April 08, 2018

Knock on the atomic chamber of Shaolin

Manmohan Singh's 2005 nuclear deal with George W. Bush is still a non-starter. It

By R Prasannan March 25, 2018

Malice from the Maldives

Keen to make big friends and influence distant powers, Narendra Modi has been on a

By R Prasannan March 11, 2018

Why didn’t Lalitaji haggle over Rafale?

One day in 1992, principal information officer S. Narendra was briefing the media on

By R Prasannan February 25, 2018

History through the looking glass

The brouhaha over Padmavati is turning out to be absurd like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and her...

By R Prasannan December 03, 2017

When Sikkim fell into the map

Sikkim is a place of heavenly peace in the Himalayas, but getting there is hell. It is the only state...

By R Prasannan November 19, 2017

Eyeless in Agra

Edward Lear, who wrote a lot of sense and some nonsense, declared after visiting the Taj: “Henceforth...

By R Prasannan November 05, 2017
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