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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Chief of Bureau, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


An ally for all reasons

Who is Ram? Where is Ram? There was stunned silence in the Lok Sabha as Ram Vilas

By R Prasannan October 25, 2020

A minister and a gentleman

The president swears in all Union ministers to oaths of office and secrecy. But in

By R Prasannan October 11, 2020

Reaping the trade wind

By Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a singular fondness for oneness. Saying “one

By R Prasannan September 27, 2020

Hark, hark, the native bark

Narendra Modi has been getting too close to animals of late. First he posted his

By R Prasannan September 13, 2020

Turbans and tailor-made tales

The fans of neither of them would approve of this, but I am finding more in common

By R Prasannan August 30, 2020

Licence to make, licence to kill

No fighter plane has come in with a bigger bang than the Rafale. TV anchors and

By R Prasannan August 16, 2020

Work from home or the house?

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu are caught in

By R Prasannan August 02, 2020

Perils of personal diplomacy

The fans of neither of them would approve of me saying so, but Jawaharlal Nehru and

By R Prasannan July 19, 2020

Blunting a brahmastra

India is waiting for two brahmastras. Both have been on the anvil for long. One is a

By R Prasannan July 05, 2020

VVIP flights: wings commandeered

Our top three VVIPs—the president, the vice-president and the prime minister—have

By R Prasannan June 21, 2020

Bayonets from Lhasa to Ladakh

Which is India’s southernmost point? Most people would say, Kanyakumari. Don’t we

By R Prasannan June 07, 2020

Blundering in the Himalayas

If there is one poem that all diplomats should be made to read, it is Robert Frost’s

By R Prasannan May 24, 2020

Siren-salute to a divine act

When he took a siren-blaring cavalcade of 35 cars and 60 motorcycles around Gurdwara

By R Prasannan May 10, 2020

Boor on silken pillow

Some people are better kept as enemies. They make more trouble for you as friends.

By R Prasannan April 26, 2020

Sorry, sir! They want some more

In his month-end Sunday Mann ki Baat, Narendra Modi apologised to the people for

By R Prasannan April 12, 2020
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