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R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Chief of Bureau, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


Count the Gurkhas in for Agnipath

Nepal earns 4,200 crore a year as pay, pension from India

By R Prasannan August 14, 2022

From Irwin to Murmu: The house of political stability

Presidency is largely symbolic, but not totally

By R Prasannan July 31, 2022

Millet men in the PMO

Millets grow fast, in dry land or rainy region, and in the plains or on the hills

By R Prasannan July 17, 2022

Spokespersons in the old days had no face, name but only voice: R. Prasannan

Don't blame BJP spokespersons alone for the comments on the Prophet

By R Prasannan June 19, 2022

R. Prasannan on India's aid to Sri Lanka and the visible difference this time around

Beneficiaries of India's largesse now are the people of Sri Lanka, not the rulers

By R Prasannan June 05, 2022

Should Khalistani graffiti on Himachal legislature worry us, asks R. Prasannan

Every graffiti is not sedition and Khalistan cause is dead and buried

By R Prasannan May 22, 2022

R. Prasannan on Modi's guru dakshina from the Red Fort

Modi has done something that has gratified me and readers of this column

By R Prasannan May 08, 2022

R. Prasannan on leaders experimenting with their facial hair

Modi is the first Indian PM who has experimented with facial hair

By R Prasannan April 24, 2022

Madeline Albright was the mother of all sanctions, writes R. Prasannan

She warned others against 'walking away with contracts' with India

By R Prasannan April 10, 2022

Modi is acting like Nehru, says R. Prasannan

Modi's India, like Nehru's, has stayed neutral despite western pressure

By R Prasannan March 13, 2022

Ukraine war and our pakora worries: R. Prasannan

A war in Ukraine could make our fries costlier!

By R Prasannan February 27, 2022

Restore the hymn, prime minister; and heal injured hearts: R. Prasannan

A soldier in uniform drinking a toast to the president sitting down? Tauba, tauba;

By R Prasannan February 13, 2022

India got a BrahMos order from Philippines. Is Vietnam next, asks R. Prasannan

Writing about Delhi’s crazy cocktail circuit once, I described an arty-farty party

By R Prasannan January 30, 2022

Modi's Maybach costs much less than Rs 12 crore, despite what trolls say: R. Prasannan

Narendra Modi was seen being driven in a Mercedes-Maybach to Hyderabad House where

By R Prasannan January 16, 2022

Bhutan has been a friend in need, in deed and indeed: R. Prasannan

All the dragon king’s subjects, the world’s happiest people, have been immunised

By R Prasannan January 02, 2022
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