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Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Emmy-nominated reporter, an author and a columnist. One of India's finest journalists, Dutt is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Why Congress's NYAY, conceived by brilliant minds, failed to click with the masses

Abhijit Banerjee, the Indian-American who is one of the winners of this year’s Nobel

By Barkha Dutt October 19, 2019

An unwise move

In terms of mainland domestic political opinion (as distinct from the response in

By Barkha Dutt September 21, 2019

Release those who stood with India

On the ground in Srinagar, bureaucrats and police officers alike tell us that they

By Barkha Dutt August 24, 2019

The Kargil masterclass

It is exactly 20 years since the Indian military took back our territory in Kargil,

By Barkha Dutt July 27, 2019

Will Modi stop the lynchings?

We should all be sickened by the horrific image of Tabrez Ansari, the 24-year-old

By Barkha Dutt June 29, 2019

Lessons from the defeat

Is the Congress finally getting ready for life after the Gandhi family? Or will an

By Barkha Dutt June 01, 2019

When politics stains uniforms

There have been many disturbing moments in the election campaign of 2019—one of the

By Barkha Dutt May 04, 2019

Keep soldiers out of poll battles

There is no doubt that India’s decision to bomb a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist base

By Barkha Dutt March 09, 2019

Trans bill is regressive

One of the most progressive voices in the Supreme Court, Justice Dhananjaya

By Barkha Dutt January 12, 2019

A soldier’s soldier

Retired lieutenant general D.S. Hooda, former northern army commander in Jammu and

By Barkha Dutt December 15, 2018

Volleys of another kind

There is so little good news coming out of Jammu and Kashmir these days: the

By Barkha Dutt November 17, 2018

Loud and clear

Every woman has a #MeToo story. It could be a stranger on the street, a colleague at

By Barkha Dutt October 28, 2018

India's shame: stop the killings of sewer workers

It took the photograph of a 11-year-old boy hunched over his father’s body for us to

By Barkha Dutt September 30, 2018

Unity in adversity

In a country divided by unprecedented bitterness and toxic polarisations, this week,

By Barkha Dutt September 02, 2018

Hug hug, wink wink

By now, Rahul Gandhi’s hug of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spawned a million

By Barkha Dutt August 05, 2018
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