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Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Emmy-nominated reporter, an author and a columnist. One of India's finest journalists, Dutt is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Why Adar Poonawalla deserves special shout-out

India crossed a landmark 200 crore vaccinations against Covid-19

By Barkha Dutt July 31, 2022

Agnipath scheme: The hope and heartbreak of military aspirants

We need to uphold the ‘fauji’ spirit, writes Dutt

By Barkha Dutt July 03, 2022

Then Ayodhya, now Gyanvapi. The Indian Army, perhaps, holds the solution

The country can take inspiration from the sarv dharam sthals of the Indian military

By Barkha Dutt June 05, 2022

Gandhis on vacay, party in decay: Barkha Dutt

The Gandhi family is the problem—the Congress should accept it

By Barkha Dutt May 08, 2022

India should get off the Ukraine tightrope, writes Barkha Dutt

If Putin gets away with this, who is to say China will not try the same?

By Barkha Dutt March 13, 2022

Barkha Dutt writes on the Congress and the Punjab pickle

The Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal have already pushed the Congress in Punjab

By Barkha Dutt February 13, 2022

To fight ‘gentlemanly’ Omicron, we need to reimagine COVID protocols: Barkha Dutt

The Omicron third wave is officially here. The bad news is that the virus is more

By Barkha Dutt January 16, 2022

Vaccine certificate should be given Aadhaar card-like status, says Barkha Dutt

We are back to counting cases and variants as the spectre of Omicron haunts the

By Barkha Dutt December 19, 2021

UP elections: Is the opposition giving the BJP a walkover?

As the host of a daily digital news show, I am bewildered by some of the issues our

By Barkha Dutt November 21, 2021

Cases of Aryan Khan, Ashish Mishra show contrast in how law is applied: Barkha Dutt

It took a week of national outcry before Ashish Mishra, accused of mowing down

By Barkha Dutt October 24, 2021

Yogi Adityanath remains unhinged and untouched, writes Barkha Dutt

In a week when Narendra Modi and Amit Shah abruptly replaced the chief minister in

By Barkha Dutt September 26, 2021

Taliban's rise: India's wisest choice may be to stand with Afghans, says Barkha Dutt

There has never been a more dangerous time for Indian security interests than now,

By Barkha Dutt August 29, 2021

Snooping culture: We journalists also contributed to it, says Barkha Dutt

The global surveillance scandal, involving the use of Israeli spy software Pegasus,

By Barkha Dutt August 01, 2021

India needs transparency on vaccination data, writes Barkha Dutt

India’s record-breaking rollout of the new vaccination policy has been the news we

By Barkha Dutt July 04, 2021

We have to own our COVID deaths, says Barkha Dutt

Many morally egregious developments have taken place in the past two months amid a

By Barkha Dutt June 06, 2021
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