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Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Emmy-nominated reporter, an author and a columnist. One of India's finest journalists, Dutt is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Loud and clear

Every woman has a #MeToo story. It could be a stranger on the street, a colleague at

By Barkha Dutt October 28, 2018

India's shame: stop the killings of sewer workers

It took the photograph of a 11-year-old boy hunched over his father’s body for us to

By Barkha Dutt September 30, 2018

Unity in adversity

In a country divided by unprecedented bitterness and toxic polarisations, this week,

By Barkha Dutt September 02, 2018

Hug hug, wink wink

By now, Rahul Gandhi’s hug of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spawned a million

By Barkha Dutt August 05, 2018

In Kashmir, one man’s small hopes

Today if you talk of hope or peace or dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir, the words sound

By Barkha Dutt July 08, 2018

Why I think soldiers should not be netas

Recently, BJP president Amit Shah began the party’s mass contact programme (to mark

By Barkha Dutt June 10, 2018

A metaphor for India

The news is so depressing these days—especially out of Jammu and Kashmir—that any

By Barkha Dutt May 13, 2018

Press Council has done its time

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have reversed a controversial and short-lived

By Barkha Dutt April 15, 2018

Why worship Lenin?

You absolutely don’t have to be an admirer of Vladimir Ulyanov, or Lenin—as the

By Barkha Dutt March 18, 2018

Judges do well, what about lawmakers?

We are very close to striking down one of our most regressive laws—the

By Barkha Dutt January 21, 2018

Keep private lives, private

In an election season, most normal decencies are abandoned in the primeval pursuit of power. Our...

By Barkha Dutt November 26, 2017

A no is a no is a no

India’s politicians have missed a chance to make history twice. The first was a cowardly refusal (save...

By Barkha Dutt October 01, 2017

Constitution above codes

Notwithstanding the interesting irony of an all-male bench passing a historic verdict on an issue that...

By Barkha Dutt September 03, 2017

Women who dare to be disliked

There are many reasons to admire Kangana Ranaut—her acting prowess, her stylish good looks, her...

By Barkha Dutt August 06, 2017

If I were Muslim...

I am agnostic and entirely non-religious; I do not self-identify with any religion and leave the...

By Barkha Dutt July 09, 2017
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