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Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy is an economist and author. He is the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the prime minister. He was also a member of the NITI Aayog.

What does India gain by remaining a Commonwealth member, asks Bibek Debroy

There is a certificate floating around on social media. It is genuine and is dated

By Bibek Debroy November 07, 2021

How many states are willing to acquire land for expressways, asks Bibek Debroy

Since the 1970s, images of the world at night have been available, courtesy NASA.

By Bibek Debroy October 10, 2021

Parliament should be representative, not elitist: Bibek Debroy

Surveys come up with apparently inconsistent conclusions, because the sample, or

By Bibek Debroy September 12, 2021

Bibek Debroy writes on 2 Indians who were the British Empire's first female graduates

Google Doodles are temporary. On July 19, Union Education Minister Dharmendra

By Bibek Debroy August 15, 2021

Bibek Debroy writes on the unique stepwells of India

I cannot say I like the expression stepwell. Though not quite a portmanteau word, it

By Bibek Debroy July 18, 2021

Bibek Debroy explains the gaps in medical apps during pandemic

Covid-19 has devastated human lives, but the pandemic and lockdowns have sometimes

By Bibek Debroy June 20, 2021

There are six systemic problems in our battle against COVID-19: Bibek Debroy

These are trying times.These are tragic times.We have lost close friends and

By Bibek Debroy May 23, 2021

Bibek Debroy: Which state has most beggars, and how beggars differ from vagrants

In a written reply to a question in Parliament on March 10, Minister for Social

By Bibek Debroy April 25, 2021

Bibek Debroy: The name that had me stumped

What’s in a name?” This is a clichéd quote from Romeo and Juliet. There is quite a

By Bibek Debroy March 28, 2021

The fault in our lands

A film titled Kaagaz was released in 2021. It is based on travails of Lal Bihari,

By Bibek Debroy February 28, 2021

All bees are not honeybees

How many bees are there in India? India has a human census and a livestock census,

By Bibek Debroy January 31, 2021

The forgotten knights

The series The Queen’s Gambit has reportedly triggered increased interest in chess,

By Bibek Debroy January 03, 2021

The aspirational districts

The year was 1998. Airports and flights weren’t what they are now. Waiting at Delhi

By Bibek Debroy December 06, 2020

Clips on reforms

The expression “reforms” is subjective, since one person’s reform can mean conform

By Bibek Debroy November 08, 2020

Cooling all classes

Mahatma Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj was originally written in Gujarati in 1908. This

By Bibek Debroy October 11, 2020
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