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Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy is an economist and author. He is the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the prime minister. He was also a member of the NITI Aayog.

Bibek Debroy on Partha Chatterjee and Kalinjara story

Small-ticket corruption has declined. But not the big-ticket Kalinjara variety

By Bibek Debroy August 14, 2022

When a ‘judge’ presides over a ‘court’

Today, instead of a court being a nyayalaya, there are overtones of a rajasabha

By Bibek Debroy July 17, 2022

Bibek Debroy on stolen idols and colonial loot

Thieves, smugglers, collectors, museums connive and operate smoothly

By Bibek Debroy June 19, 2022

Bibek Debroy on piling arrears of criminal justice system, death penalty debate

You cannot monkey around with principles of natural justice

By Bibek Debroy May 22, 2022

India has about 50 acts, 150 laws that are sexist: Bibek Debroy

We have inherited statutes and mindsets that do not gel with Article 14

By Bibek Debroy April 24, 2022

Bibek Debroy writes on why India should focus more on creating quality jobs

Analysis of data shows around 8.5 million jobs need to be created every year

By Bibek Debroy March 27, 2022

India needs a unified public health legislation, writes Bibek Debroy

Covid-19 has reinforced the argument for a unified law

By Bibek Debroy February 27, 2022

How COVID triggered changes in India’s disaster management framework: Bibek Debroy

I know a politician who is petrified of air travel. He belongs to a social class in

By Bibek Debroy January 23, 2022

First Indian-made fountain pen wasn't made in Rajahmundry, but Varanasi: Bibek Debroy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently in Varanasi, where he inaugurated the

By Bibek Debroy January 02, 2022

Why does case property have to be physically produced in court, asks Bibek Debroy

Often, there will be an amusing story about a malkhana (evidence room). For example,

By Bibek Debroy December 05, 2021

What does India gain by remaining a Commonwealth member, asks Bibek Debroy

There is a certificate floating around on social media. It is genuine and is dated

By Bibek Debroy November 07, 2021

How many states are willing to acquire land for expressways, asks Bibek Debroy

Since the 1970s, images of the world at night have been available, courtesy NASA.

By Bibek Debroy October 10, 2021

Parliament should be representative, not elitist: Bibek Debroy

Surveys come up with apparently inconsistent conclusions, because the sample, or

By Bibek Debroy September 12, 2021

Bibek Debroy writes on 2 Indians who were the British Empire's first female graduates

Google Doodles are temporary. On July 19, Union Education Minister Dharmendra

By Bibek Debroy August 15, 2021

Bibek Debroy writes on the unique stepwells of India

I cannot say I like the expression stepwell. Though not quite a portmanteau word, it

By Bibek Debroy July 18, 2021
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