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Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De

Novelist and columnist Shobhaa De has always been outspoken in her writing and views on urban India. The former editor of magazines like Stardust, Society and Celebrity, has been a model and scriptwriter.


Anita Nair and my crush—Mammootty

Nair's understanding of police procedurals blew me away

By Shobhaa De March 03, 2024

Why I want to go on a biryani date with Dongri's darling Munawar Faruqui

Faruqui's personal life is as interesting as his dazzling rise to fame

By Shobhaa De February 18, 2024

How Asha Thadani is visualising hope

She has been creating images that explore power structures since 1996

By Shobhaa De February 04, 2024

Fareed Zakaria: Style and substance

Our Fareed has come a long, long way in the world. We are proud of him!

By Shobhaa De January 21, 2024

Multifaceted Mozez Singh

Mozez’s restless mind rarely demands a break

By Shobhaa De January 07, 2024

Bowled over by Jessica Posner Odede

Girl Effect has reached more than 23 million young Indian women online

By Shobhaa De December 24, 2023

Tanvi Jindal’s own MuSo

Hope MuSo travels to other cities soon… kids across India will cherish it

By Shobhaa De December 10, 2023

Goodbye Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi, the ultimate hotelier

Oberoi's attention to detail was mind-boggling

By Shobhaa De November 26, 2023

Borwankar: The first female police officer to boldly take on the system

Her book is a candid account of what the police uniform means to a determined cop

By Shobhaa De November 12, 2023

The elusive Mona, who gave it all up to become Mrs Dev Anand

Mona Singha's screen name was Kalpana Kartik

By Shobhaa De October 22, 2023

'RagNeeti' will be the latest power couple in corridors of Delhi

There is something about showbiz shaadis that arouses the voyeuristic demon in us

By Shobhaa De October 08, 2023

The romantic side of Harish Salve

Salve's wife Trina Akbar is the granddaughter of the last king of Afghanistan

By Shobhaa De September 24, 2023

Meeting the maestro Zubin Mehta in Mumbai

I have been a Zubin groupie for decades

By Shobhaa De September 10, 2023

Meeting dear friend Mohan Agashe once again

Mohan used his psychiatric training to induce enough guilt in me

By Shobhaa De August 27, 2023

Why I admire Janhvi Kapoor

It is to her credit she has picked roles that focus on her acting and not her curves

By Shobhaa De August 13, 2023
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