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Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De

Novelist and columnist Shobhaa De has always been outspoken in her writing and views on urban India. The former editor of magazines like Stardust, Society and Celebrity, has been a model and scriptwriter.


The romantic side of Harish Salve

Salve's wife Trina Akbar is the granddaughter of the last king of Afghanistan

By Shobhaa De September 24, 2023

Meeting the maestro Zubin Mehta in Mumbai

I have been a Zubin groupie for decades

By Shobhaa De September 10, 2023

Meeting dear friend Mohan Agashe once again

Mohan used his psychiatric training to induce enough guilt in me

By Shobhaa De August 27, 2023

Why I admire Janhvi Kapoor

It is to her credit she has picked roles that focus on her acting and not her curves

By Shobhaa De August 13, 2023

The rise and rise of Harsh Vardhan Shringla

He was named chief coordinator of India's G20 presidency

By Shobhaa De July 30, 2023

Zeenat Aman's life has been anything but a placid lake

Zeenie Baby is being flooded with commercial offers and editorial coups

By Shobhaa De July 16, 2023

Sajni Gill and her empire

The Gill story is awe-inspiring and fascinating once you understand where it started

By Shobhaa De July 02, 2023

Why Anurag Thakur needs to do more

Thakur needs to up the media game and do better than offer platitudes and excuses

By Shobhaa De June 18, 2023

When Rani Mukerji tells her story

Rani is meticulous about all aspects of her life

By Shobhaa De June 04, 2023

Rajkumar Charles is now King Charles

Akshata Sunak should have worn a beautiful sari on coronation

By Shobhaa De May 21, 2023

The simple genius called Sachin Tendulkar

What makes Sachin, ‘Sachin’ is not all that difficult to decode

By Shobhaa De May 07, 2023

Meet Rohit Khattar and chef Manish Mehrotra—the supremely talented food wizards

Indian Accent is the only restaurant from India to make it to the top 50 list

By Shobhaa De April 23, 2023

When Venkatesh Prasad's wife ticked off Raj Thackeray!

Jayanthi remains as gutsy and indomitable even today

By Shobhaa De April 09, 2023

Hollywood, here is Ram Charan!

Charan seems to go about his life and business with far more discretion and dignity

By Shobhaa De March 26, 2023

Shehan Karunatilaka's life beyond Booker

Shehan seems most unaffected by the adulation

By Shobhaa De February 26, 2023
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