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Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De

Novelist and columnist Shobhaa De has always been outspoken in her writing and views on urban India. The former editor of magazines like Stardust, Society and Celebrity, has been a model and scriptwriter.


Thank you, dear doctors

During this most challenging test faced by humanity, what has kept our spirits and

By Shobhaa De April 05, 2020

A gifted mind

Chairing a jury is not an easy job. Especially if it is a jury deciding which debut

By Shobhaa De March 14, 2020

When Zeenie plays Kasturba

It must be totally bizarre for a 69-year-old woman to be constantly addressed as

By Shobhaa De February 29, 2020

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater

So, are you happy?” A reporter asked accused No 4 Peter Mukerjea as he left the

By Shobhaa De February 15, 2020

The indefatigable Dalrymple

William Hamilton-Dalrymple shares a name with a renowned English surgeon. Both need

By Shobhaa De February 01, 2020

Ustad: Quintessential charmer

The boyish charm of the international tabla virtuoso is still intact. Zakir Hussain

By Shobhaa De January 18, 2020

Bravo, Mimi!

I WATCHED a poised and beautiful young person wearing a floaty, flower print dress

By Shobhaa De December 21, 2019

Bhutan’s Queen Mother in Khan Market

The time was late, the weather cold and most shops in Delhi’s Khan Market had

By Shobhaa De December 07, 2019

The utterly charming Sandy

As I began to write this column, I was doing extensive homework on one of the

By Shobhaa De November 23, 2019

Diwali at Jalsa

There are Diwali parties, and then there is THE Diwali party—the one hosted by the

By Shobhaa De November 09, 2019

The chirpy Mrs and Mr Singh

From the very first time we met, I hit it off instantly with Shivinder Singh—the

By Shobhaa De October 26, 2019

Ma Anand Sheela’s second coming

The ‘Tough Titty’ from the wildly popular Netflix series, Wild, Wild Country (2018),

By Shobhaa De October 12, 2019

Remembering the rage and the rain

This is not about Kiran Nagarkar, the writer. It is about Kiran Nagarkar, the

By Shobhaa De September 28, 2019

Smashing doubts

We all love world champions, do we not? Our newest darling is P.V. Sindhu, just 24

By Shobhaa De August 31, 2019

Why Neena Gupta gets my vote

I ran into the beautiful and supremely talented Neena Gupta at a mutual friend’s

By Shobhaa De August 17, 2019
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