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Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap is an award-winning journalist, author and documentary film maker. She was the first journalist to interview LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


The final gamble

She was the right person, at the right time, in the right place. After the Berlin

By Anita Pratap November 10, 2018

Era of quantum politics

Scientists like Albert Einstein are famous across the world, but few people

By Anita Pratap October 15, 2018

Bounced Chequers

For centuries, Britain determined the fate of other nations. Now it cannot seem to

By Anita Pratap October 07, 2018

Xenophobes with a cause

I am not a Nazi, but....” Many Germans begin this way before expressing hostility to

By Anita Pratap September 23, 2018

High on pain

Opioids seem to be the opium of the American masses. Worse, opioid medications—or

By Anita Pratap September 09, 2018

Overheard at a visa centre

It is the job of American visa officers to ask personal, incisive questions. The US

By Anita Pratap August 26, 2018

Reform norms, not Islam

Alcoholics cannot be satisfied with lemonade. Likewise, jihadists cannot be

By Anita Pratap July 01, 2018

From the earth’s darkest corner

It is all about nukes. Ahead of the “now on, now off” summit between Donald Trump

By Anita Pratap June 17, 2018

The constants: caste and politics

Much has changed in India. But a few recent events reveal, much has not—neither in

By Anita Pratap June 03, 2018

Nothing noble about this

Sex, lies and leaks. You could be forgiven for thinking, “Been there, read that.”

By Anita Pratap May 20, 2018

Bold Macron, cautious Merkel

Given a long rope, you can either hang yourself or climb and conquer. French

By Anita Pratap May 06, 2018

Hungary’s own Trump

Is one of Donald Trump’s role models Viktor Orban, the right-wing prime minister of

By Anita Pratap April 22, 2018

Stay steady, Merkel

Angela Merkel has just become German Chancellor for the fourth time. It has been a

By Anita Pratap March 25, 2018

Norway’s 39 Olympic medals

A thousand years ago, they wreaked havoc across the British Isles, plundering gold,

By Anita Pratap March 11, 2018

Oslo’s wonder woman

She rises out of the ice-cold fjord waters like a middle-aged Wonder Woman. I am

By Anita Pratap January 28, 2018
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