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Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap is an award-winning journalist, author and documentary film maker. She was the first journalist to interview LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Think America’s good first, says Anita Pratap

The US today is an anocracy

By Anita Pratap July 10, 2022

Brexit grinds slowly, but it grinds small, says Anita Pratap

Fire sales of Britain’s crown jewels tell sad story of a financially squeezed nation

By Anita Pratap June 12, 2022

Anita Pratap on the new world disorder after the Ukraine war

War and pandemic can spark events that resemble the catastrophic century-old past

By Anita Pratap May 29, 2022

Anita Pratap on Emmanuel Macron’s second term as French president

The June parliamentary polls can make or break Macron's presidency

By Anita Pratap May 15, 2022

Anita Pratap on the war, pandemic and wealth

War, plague, famine have haunted us since dawn of civilisation. As has inequality

By Anita Pratap May 01, 2022

Anita Pratap on the orchestrated migration of asylum-seekers to pressure the EU

It is hard to understand Putin’s calculus. But he is fighting his war, his way

By Anita Pratap April 17, 2022

Why isn't Europe grieving for victims of Yemen war, asks Anita Pratap

Societies are blind to their own hypocrisy and selective compassion

By Anita Pratap April 03, 2022

The west has glorified Zelenskyy into a mythical hero. But the west can also be notoriously opportunistic, says Anita Pratap

When hotlines replace redlines, it is time to worry… and hope. US decisions to

By Anita Pratap March 20, 2022

Redlines customary in diplomacy but experts question their efficacy, says Anita Pratap

Russia intended to divide NATO, but its show of force on Ukraine only unified it

By Anita Pratap March 06, 2022

Anita Pratap on Boris Johnson's dwindling popularity

A YouGov poll found that 72 per cent of Britons disapprove of Johnson

By Anita Pratap February 20, 2022

Putin sees NATO expansion as encroachment into his backyard: Anita Pratap

As if a pandemic, inflation, energy crisis, and a heart-rending humanitarian

By Anita Pratap February 06, 2022

Randy Andy and other rogues in royal robes: Anita Pratap

In the 1980s, he was “insanely hot”. Girls swooned over him, boys envied him and the

By Anita Pratap January 23, 2022

In 2021, European art throbbed with fantasy and realism, writes Anita Pratap

Popular themes in art indicate the direction in which a Covid-fatigued world is

By Anita Pratap January 09, 2022

Anita Pratap: Life lesson from Wavelle, a nonconformist seagull

A bird was my best teacher this year. A sweeping section of the fjord outside my

By Anita Pratap December 26, 2021

Anita Pratap writes on the many problems facing Swedish PM Magdalena Andersson

History was made. This country got its first woman prime minister. That is ho-hum

By Anita Pratap December 12, 2021
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