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Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap is an award-winning journalist, author and documentary film maker. She was the first journalist to interview LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Weight loss via Wegovy

Wegovy is a lifelong medication. For drugmakers, that’s a win-win

By Anita Pratap September 24, 2023

When AI replaces professionals

AI-powered robot found potato chips hidden in a drawer

By Anita Pratap September 10, 2023

To discover future, one must know the past

Many possible scenarios lie curled in its womb

By Anita Pratap July 30, 2023

Bring back Çatalhöyük

Çatalhöyük proves that humans can build stable, complex societies

By Anita Pratap July 16, 2023

Big Tech’s menacing growls and chest beating

Tech power also arises from govt’s leniency, acts of omission and incapacity

By Anita Pratap July 02, 2023

Are split infinitives mistakes?

Now, most experts see nitpicking grammarians as old fashioned

By Anita Pratap June 18, 2023

Lights are great storytellers of the souls of nations. Here's how

Night light as a global lie detector is a marvellous 21st century invention

By Anita Pratap June 04, 2023

Public indulgence of mad and merry kings is over

Modernisation is essential for monarchy’s relevance and continuity

By Anita Pratap May 21, 2023

How quantum physics has changed reality

Now we gape into a world of uncertainties, exciting to some, incomprehensible to most

By Anita Pratap March 26, 2023

Why war in Ukraine is marked by ironies and contradictions

In 2022, the issues most countries battled with had little to do with Ukraine war

By Anita Pratap March 12, 2023

How Europe's 'unity in diversity' is cracking slowly

Europe lacks even one extraordinary leader who can steer it through the crisis

By Anita Pratap February 26, 2023

Is the British monarchy on its way out?

New Britain may drive change, and royals out of their castles. Gradually

By Anita Pratap January 01, 2023

What “feminisation of men” trend is all about

For most women, having a child is economic equivalent of being hit by a meteorite

By Anita Pratap December 11, 2022

It is no longer a Trump card

What is Trump without his megaphone?

By Anita Pratap November 27, 2022

Why Truss has been an unmitigated disaster

Several Tory MPs publicly agree that Lettuce Liz is “past her sell-by date”

By Anita Pratap October 30, 2022
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