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Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap is an award-winning journalist, author and documentary film maker. She was the first journalist to interview LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Goop’s oomph factor

Who would buy an expensive bottle of “vampire repellant spray”? If you believe in

By Anita Pratap April 05, 2020

Priti Patel: Poster girl or ‘piranha'?

Small, scrappy and spunky, Priti Patel is a few short steps away from 10 Downing

By Anita Pratap March 14, 2020

Cold-blooded, or just nuts?

Right-wing massacres follow a pattern in the west. The killers are young, male,

By Anita Pratap February 29, 2020


It was a “political earthquake”, no less. The incident in the east German state of

By Anita Pratap February 15, 2020

Putin’s game for greatness

Western pundits invariably reduce Russian President Vladimir Putin into a

By Anita Pratap February 01, 2020

A royal drama worth the big screen

This could be a 21st century Disney version of the British royal romance. The

By Anita Pratap January 18, 2020

Brexit horror show continues

Halloween came and went. So did Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s threat to leave the

By Anita Pratap November 09, 2019

Deal, dilemma, delay

My deal or no deal. Sounds familiar? Yes, we are back in Britain. The Shakespearean

By Anita Pratap October 12, 2019

Young and determined

She is being compared with history’s enduring icons, from Mother Teresa to Martin

By Anita Pratap September 28, 2019

Greed for Greenland

Terrific location. Spectacular views. Pristine air. Wealthy area. What’s not to

By Anita Pratap August 31, 2019

Right churn ahead

They live in a time warp, in an era of German supremacy, with Heil Hitler salutes

By Anita Pratap August 17, 2019

Boris’s Brexit battle

Do or die is the battle cry of Britain’s new prime minister Boris Johnson. He refers

By Anita Pratap August 03, 2019

Jair Messias Bolsonaro: More mess than messiah?

His middle name is ‘Messias’. But within six months of his rule, citizens wonder if

By Anita Pratap July 20, 2019

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson: The 'blonde bombshells'

The similarities between the two “blond bombshells” are uncanny. In appearance and

By Anita Pratap June 22, 2019

The rage of conspiracy theories

Populists tend to believe in conspiracy theories. A global survey shows that

By Anita Pratap June 08, 2019
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