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Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap is an award-winning journalist, author and documentary film maker. She was the first journalist to interview LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. She is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


Anti-vaxxers: history and hysteria

The race is on. Across the world, countries rush to vaccinate their citizens against

By Anita Pratap March 07, 2021

Ghosts with vile goals

Active measures” sound like dull, do-gooder proposals from a self-help pamphlet.

By Anita Pratap February 21, 2021

From Angela to Armin

By year’s end, Armin Laschet could well be Europe’s most powerful man. He is a

By Anita Pratap February 07, 2021

Words become deeds

Words matter. At his inauguration four years ago, President Donald Trump spoke about

By Anita Pratap January 24, 2021

Brexit and English Covid

It was not meant to be this way. But then, such are the ironies of fate, its twists

By Anita Pratap January 10, 2021

Ducks and drakes

A few Europeans to look out for in 2021. Lame duck conjures visions of The Donald.

By Anita Pratap December 27, 2020

Opium of the bigots

American analysts compare Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat to a child’s

By Anita Pratap November 29, 2020

Gunning for votes

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” says Wayne

By Anita Pratap November 01, 2020

QAnon’s factory for alternative facts

They are becoming the western world’s most dangerous cult. With coded acronyms like

By Anita Pratap October 18, 2020

Suga, the self-effacing samurai

Dark-suited and silent, he is the typical, faceless bureaucrat. Now he is the face

By Anita Pratap October 04, 2020

The royal vanishing act

Ex-King flees to unknown land”. This time-warp headline takes us to medieval eras

By Anita Pratap September 20, 2020

Assets, imagined and real

The dystopian world of artificial intelligence that we imagined would unfold in the

By Anita Pratap September 06, 2020

The showdown is on

T he “Thucydides Trap” states that a rising power is doomed to conflict with the

By Anita Pratap August 09, 2020

When Pax Americana wanes

An image sometimes captures an empire’s decline. The iconic photograph of nurses

By Anita Pratap July 26, 2020

This is America

During the pandemic, the rich got richer. Not only billionaires like Amazon’s Jeff

By Anita Pratap July 12, 2020
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