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Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy, Resident Editor of Malayala Manorama, New Delhi, is an expert on international and national politics, and governance. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


Danish Ali: A loyal defector

Political defections are normally acrimonious and messy affairs. But Danish Ali,

By Sachidananda Murthy March 23, 2019

Concurrent elections? No concurrence

In the past six months, Narendra Modi has stopped emphasising on some of his pet

By Sachidananda Murthy March 16, 2019

Turn of the troika

Hardly 100 days after they were voted out, three former BJP chief ministers are

By Sachidananda Murthy March 09, 2019

Take-offs and touchdowns

The completion of the second round of privatisation of government-run airports sends

By Sachidananda Murthy March 02, 2019

Identification crisis

Officials in the Unique Identification Authority of India would be tired of

By Sachidananda Murthy February 23, 2019

To bell Twitter

The summons issued by a parliamentary committee to Jack Dorsey, chief executive

By Sachidananda Murthy February 16, 2019

A mistimed strike

Whose clever idea was it to launch a CBI raid against the Kolkata Police

By Sachidananda Murthy February 09, 2019

To fill Sushma’s shoes

Who will be the feminine face of the BJP in the next Lok Sabha? The party is

By Sachidananda Murthy February 02, 2019

Ground control

January seems to be a cruel month for political parties in Bengal, especially in

By Sachidananda Murthy January 26, 2019

Messy maze in the hills

Like the Mahabharat’s Abhimanyu, the Bharatiya Janata Party had cracked the

By Sachidananda Murthy January 19, 2019

Small enterprises, big gains

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das is a man on the move. In his brief

By Sachidananda Murthy January 12, 2019

30 days; in ‘jail’ for 40 years

Soli Sorabjee, who was attorney general during the six years of Atal Bihari

By Sachidananda Murthy January 05, 2019

Art of silence

Continuously accused of being a silent prime minister during his ten-year reign,

By Sachidananda Murthy December 29, 2018

Man with a mission

The Ranjan Gogoi-led Supreme Court has sprung several surprises, starting from the

By Sachidananda Murthy December 15, 2018

Not yet a political hot potato

Three months after the prime minister’s office directed the corporate affairs

By Sachidananda Murthy December 08, 2018
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