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Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy, Resident Editor of Malayala Manorama, New Delhi, is an expert on international and national politics, and governance. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


J&K governor? A politician, please!

On some high-level appointments, rulers in Delhi are often of the same mind, whether

By Sachidananda Murthy July 22, 2018

Water-clear solution

The first order of the Cauvery Water Management Authority, quantifying the amount of

By Sachidananda Murthy July 15, 2018

Constitutional high ground

M. Venkaiah Naidu often talks about what others are talking about him. When the vice

By Sachidananda Murthy July 08, 2018

Pressure game

M Veerappa Moily and Mallikarjun Kharge, two Congress stalwarts in the Lok Sabha,

By Sachidananda Murthy July 01, 2018

Able Abels

Humorist P.G. Wodehouse had written that English noblemen were at a loss on how to

By Sachidananda Murthy June 24, 2018

No pullbacks, only punches

Narendra Modi has repeatedly told his ministers and officers that he will not take

By Sachidananda Murthy June 17, 2018

Hits by the missus

Wives of officers of the male-dominated armed forces have special status. There are

By Sachidananda Murthy June 10, 2018

Battle won, war ahead

There is much bonhomie and celebration in opposition circles about the deal between

By Sachidananda Murthy June 03, 2018

In the air

After the burst of airport privatisation initiated in the early 2000s, there is now

By Sachidananda Murthy May 27, 2018

Paradigm shift

As Vladimir Putin begins his fourth term as Russian president, the Narendra Modi

By Sachidananda Murthy May 20, 2018

Helpless sentinel

In many a conversation about the paralysis of Parliament or the confrontation in the

By Sachidananda Murthy May 13, 2018

Not invited to the party

There was nostalgia among admirers of stalwarts Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar

By Sachidananda Murthy May 06, 2018

Talking terms

The political and strategic communities in Pakistan are taken up with the evolving

By Sachidananda Murthy April 29, 2018

Delhi under fire

Both the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party came to power on the plank of good governance.

By Sachidananda Murthy April 22, 2018

Everybody loves a good washout

Sumitra Mahajan has proved that absolute majority for a party is no guarantee that

By Sachidananda Murthy April 15, 2018
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