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Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy

Sachidananda Murthy, Resident Editor of Malayala Manorama, New Delhi, is an expert on international and national politics, and governance. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


Telugu tots, English thoughts

Scholar and communist E.M.S. Namboodiripad would read anything and everything that

By Sachidananda Murthy November 16, 2019

The veteran uprising

Military men are chosen neither for a sense of humour nor for tolerating insults. It

By Sachidananda Murthy November 09, 2019

Switch on mission mode

With Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections out of the way, the BJP is getting

By Sachidananda Murthy November 02, 2019

India learns how to undercut the Chinese

Long ago, when the government proposed fast-tracking approvals for industrial

By Sachidananda Murthy October 26, 2019

The PIL puzzle

Nitish Kumar has been a leader who believes that actions should speak for

By Sachidananda Murthy October 19, 2019

The home and away polls

It is election season both in India and abroad. Narendra Modi is chief campaigner in

By Sachidananda Murthy October 12, 2019

Adieu, Monsieur Chirac

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the Indian tribute to former French president

By Sachidananda Murthy October 05, 2019

Festival of lights and loans

Nirmala Sitharaman is clear on her plans for speedy outflow of credit from bank

By Sachidananda Murthy September 28, 2019

Credo needs a redo

Mulayam Singh Yadav had an emotional decision to make. Following an eviction notice,

By Sachidananda Murthy September 21, 2019

After brooms, come pots

Narendra Modi’s pre-election rally in Haryana saw both huge crowds and a large

By Sachidananda Murthy September 14, 2019

Howdy, business

Narendra Modi’s sixth visit to the United States as prime minister, scheduled this

By Sachidananda Murthy September 07, 2019

Slowdown pangs

Big cities and small towns these days have a common story. It is about how millions

By Sachidananda Murthy August 31, 2019

Serial winner

Precedents set by opponents unwittingly help political rivals. During his three-day

By Sachidananda Murthy August 24, 2019

Put J&K in order

Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s excellent articulation is sometimes criticised as

By Sachidananda Murthy August 17, 2019

Penalty strike, on target?

The suicide of coffee tycoon V.G. Siddhartha has once again put the focus on

By Sachidananda Murthy August 10, 2019
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