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Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna is an author, translator, diplomat and was India's Ambassador to the US and Israel. He also served as the high commissioner to the Court of St James's.


Of borders, walls and barriers

A closely guarded barrier—part concrete wall, part fence—separates the West Bank

By Navtej Sarna September 06, 2020

In droll Londongrad

London steals a march over Washington, DC with its drollery, if that is the mot

By Navtej Sarna August 09, 2020

Kiss, tell, earn

But for the occasional, accidental one, we do not get too many revealing books by

By Navtej Sarna July 12, 2020

Winter of Warsaw 1985

Pandemic pictures have given way to visuals of spiralling protests against the

By Navtej Sarna June 14, 2020

On human dignity

Grandpa buried his pa with his own hand, done it in dignity, an’ shaped the grave

By Navtej Sarna May 17, 2020

Any man’s death diminishes me

This too shall pass, though the price will be high. Human nature will bounce back.

By Navtej Sarna April 19, 2020

Shades of blue

Green has long been part of the strategic lexicon. Green politics, green banking,

By Navtej Sarna March 14, 2020

We are all in this together

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and its recent predecessors—SARS, Ebola,

By Navtej Sarna February 15, 2020

No quarters at headquarters

Before Donald Trump mercifully dropped a presidential-sized damp squib on the

By Navtej Sarna January 18, 2020

Three gentlemen from Bengal

At the heart of Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University stands the majestic Maha

By Navtej Sarna November 23, 2019

The formality of informality

The strategic gains of the recent Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping informal summit may take

By Navtej Sarna October 26, 2019

The last red plastic straw

Many issues were no doubt covered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President

By Navtej Sarna September 28, 2019

The Arctic attraction

Just when you think things could not get more bizarre, they suddenly

By Navtej Sarna August 31, 2019

For your eyes only

As assessments of the Trump administration go, Sir Kim Darroch, the British

By Navtej Sarna August 03, 2019

Belfast, Brexit and the border

Belfast, the gritty capital of Northern Ireland where I found myself last week, is

By Navtej Sarna July 06, 2019