Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna is the former Ambassador of India to the US and the author, most recently, of the novel Crimson Spring.


Kim Jong Un's love for train

Though Kim has a private plane, he prefers the Moving Fortress

By Navtej Sarna October 08, 2023

Some knights are forever

Knight Bachelor got no insignia with the title

By Navtej Sarna September 10, 2023

Why west wants to de-risk China ties, not de-couple from it

Beijing seems to be enjoying the fun and games

By Navtej Sarna August 13, 2023

Need a direct flight between Male and Delhi

It should be a strategically important decision, not a purely commercial one

By Navtej Sarna July 16, 2023

Why British refused to return the remains of Prince Alemayehu of Ethiopia

The British are immaculate record keepers and well know where the bodies are buried

By Navtej Sarna June 18, 2023

How Punjab is becoming an old age home

Political parties have promoted schemes that facilitate migration

By Navtej Sarna April 23, 2023

What are the implications of Sunak’s effusive overture to Macron

Greater cooperation with France is critical

By Navtej Sarna March 26, 2023

Is Nikki Haley the generational change Republicans are looking for?

Haley has kicked off her bid for the 2024 Republican nomination

By Navtej Sarna February 26, 2023

Arrogance of little achievement and cancer of entitlement

Somewhere in this rush for material success, we the people have lost something

By Navtej Sarna January 29, 2023

When Jerusalem called on Mukteshwar

A curious case of vaccine maitri and bureaucratic verve

By Navtej Sarna January 01, 2023

Donald Trump’s 1,001 insults

There is no shortage of nicknames for Trump: one website alone lists 409

By Navtej Sarna November 27, 2022

Will Camilla wear the Kohinoor?

Charles is occupied by thoughts of his coronation next May

By Navtej Sarna October 30, 2022

The urbane and dignified Naresh Kumar

Kumar’s passing was tucked away amidst the hoopla surrounding Federer’s retirement

By Navtej Sarna October 02, 2022

How and why Japan wants its youth to booze more

Alcohol taxes have now plummeted to 1.7 per cent in Japan

By Navtej Sarna September 04, 2022

Navtej Sarna on the diplomat as scholar

Diplomats bring their intellectual rigour to their research of archival material

By Navtej Sarna August 07, 2022
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