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Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna is an author, translator, diplomat and was India's Ambassador to the US and Israel. He also served as the high commissioner to the Court of St James's.


Time lost and opportunities missed do not come back, writes Navtej Sarna

From where I sit, the summer afternoon is worthy of a Wordsworth. The dappled

By Navtej Sarna June 13, 2021

Vaccine nationalism is shameless, says Navtej Sarna

The question at the cold heart of this debate is simple: Should money be made out of

By Navtej Sarna May 16, 2021

Navtej Sarna on two men and their legendary bookstores

It was the fall of 1983. On my first visit to Paris, short on money but high on

By Navtej Sarna April 18, 2021

A vaccine for all reasons

The Golan Heights hide their tensions well. The road sweeps languidly through

By Navtej Sarna March 21, 2021

Guess who’s coming to dinner

Call it a diplomat’s lucky day: in Washington in the spring of 2017, I found myself

By Navtej Sarna February 21, 2021

Spies in the cold

Coincidences matter. As the world raced to the end of 2020 like a parched man to an

By Navtej Sarna January 24, 2021

The problems of plenty

And when the snow falls, you’re found in St Moritz With the others of the jet

By Navtej Sarna December 27, 2020

When Lords is not cricket

Just when we as a nation were wondering how Indian would Kamala Harris be, an

By Navtej Sarna November 29, 2020

Trust, but prepare

CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale, clarifying details after the Kamala Harris-Mike

By Navtej Sarna November 01, 2020

A mirror for Dr Kissinger

So Richard Nixon found Indian women unattractive and sexless. We shall not ask what

By Navtej Sarna October 04, 2020

Of borders, walls and barriers

A closely guarded barrier—part concrete wall, part fence—separates the West Bank

By Navtej Sarna September 06, 2020

In droll Londongrad

London steals a march over Washington, DC with its drollery, if that is the mot

By Navtej Sarna August 09, 2020

Kiss, tell, earn

But for the occasional, accidental one, we do not get too many revealing books by

By Navtej Sarna July 12, 2020

Winter of Warsaw 1985

Pandemic pictures have given way to visuals of spiralling protests against the

By Navtej Sarna June 14, 2020

On human dignity

Grandpa buried his pa with his own hand, done it in dignity, an’ shaped the grave

By Navtej Sarna May 17, 2020
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