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Ashwini Nachappa

Ashwini Nachappa

A former athlete, Nachappa is actively involved in social work and is an educationist, too. She is also part of Clean Sports India organisation. An Arjuna Award winner, Nachappa was referred to as India’s 'Flo Jo'. She has also acted in a few Telugu films.


Sportsmen need a safety net

Kumar (name changed) is a 16-year-old promising hurdler. He has been training at

By Ashwini Nachappa March 18, 2018

Khelo India khelo!

The recently concluded Khelo India School Games threw up some remarkable

By Ashwini Nachappa March 04, 2018

Deconstructing Federer

Spoiler alert! This article is from an unabashed fan of Roger Federer, whose

By Ashwini Nachappa February 18, 2018

Another wasted mandate?

In 1984, Rajiv Gandhi won a landslide victory riding the Indira sympathy wave. The

By Ashwini Nachappa February 04, 2018

70 years of rajas and ranis

India is an idea that is 70 years old. An idea that was founded around the principles of democracy...

By Ashwini Nachappa January 07, 2018

The anti-national bully

Nobody is above the law. It applies in equal measure to all. But, in our country, this is far from that...

By Ashwini Nachappa December 10, 2017

Sparking the football revolution

There has been much positivity around the ongoing FIFA Under-17 World Cup. It is great to see Indian...

By Ashwini Nachappa October 29, 2017

The maya of success

What was hoped to be a dream sign-off to Usain Bolt’s remarkable career ended in a whimper. He finished...

By Ashwini Nachappa October 15, 2017

Rooting for Rathore

Dear Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Congratulations! It has taken various governments 70 years to do the...

By Ashwini Nachappa October 01, 2017

In the zone

The Sindhu versus Okuhara final at the BWF World Championships was epic, one that was comparable to the...

By Ashwini Nachappa September 17, 2017

Doping our way to failure

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) listed India as the world’s third worst offender in 2014 and 2015....

By Ashwini Nachappa August 27, 2017

Hop, skip and jump for joy

The recent Asian Athletics Championships at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar brought back memories. I...

By Ashwini Nachappa July 23, 2017

The illusion of change

We are brought up with the notion that we must change for the better, and that we must try and be...

By Ashwini Nachappa July 09, 2017

Heads you win, tails I lose

Earlier this month, athletes, their coaches and retired athletes gathered in protest at the Sree...

By Ashwini Nachappa June 11, 2017

Body and mind of education

In 2000, my husband, Datha, and I started looking for land in Coorg to start a school that would be...

By Ashwini Nachappa May 28, 2017
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