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Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi is an MP from New Delhi constituency, and the BJP's national spokesperson. Lekhi is a lawyer in the Supreme Court.


One poll for all

Since the past many days, I have been witness to a raging debate in India over the

By Meenakshi Lekhi March 25, 2018

De-Congressising the ecosystem

In the last fortnight, the Indian political landscape was dominated by stories

By Meenakshi Lekhi March 11, 2018

Having the last laugh

One of the first things humans learn after coming into this world is how to laugh.

By Meenakshi Lekhi February 25, 2018

Marching forward

On January 29, President Ram Nath Kovind gave the traditional presidential address

By Meenakshi Lekhi February 11, 2018

Making our health care system healthy

The profession which is given divine status is slowly inching its way towards

By Meenakshi Lekhi January 28, 2018

Sown in 2017; reap in 2018

Times come and go, leaving behind footprints of memories and experiences in our

By Meenakshi Lekhi January 14, 2018

Be picky about dinners

The Gujarat elections are over, and so are the heat and dust generated by it. The past month had...

By Meenakshi Lekhi December 31, 2017

Manik’s unholy sarkar

Tripura carries a long history of political violence perpetrated and abetted by the Communist cadres...

By Meenakshi Lekhi December 17, 2017

Ramrajya: Looking forward in time

The concept of ‘ramrajya’ has always resonated with the common people of India. Now, with the...

By Meenakshi Lekhi November 19, 2017

Feeding lies to the hungry

Lies are a little fortress,”wrote author William Paul Young. “Inside them you feel safe and...

By Meenakshi Lekhi November 05, 2017

Opt-out is not an option

Is there life after death? Yes, if you are an organ donor. You will continue to enable life, even after...

By Meenakshi Lekhi October 22, 2017

Effective use of parliamentary privileges

While representative democracy is described as government ‘of the people, by the people, for the...

By Meenakshi Lekhi October 08, 2017

March of the women in Army

The armed forces of any nation are drawn from the citizens, and hence their culture and working reflect...

By Meenakshi Lekhi September 24, 2017

Governance and integral humanism

A philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and a political scientist, Pandit...

By Meenakshi Lekhi September 10, 2017

Charkha and Sudarshan Chakra

Golda Meir, the first and the only woman prime minister of Israel, said, ”One cannot and must not erase...

By Meenakshi Lekhi August 27, 2017
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