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Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi is an MP from New Delhi constituency, and the BJP's national spokesperson. Lekhi is a lawyer in the Supreme Court.


Striking the right notes

Recently, I came across an article targeting the Narendra Modi government. I am

By Meenakshi Lekhi November 01, 2020

Educate the farmers

The agitation against the new laws allowing farmers to market their produce outside

By Meenakshi Lekhi October 18, 2020

More hits than misses

There is a saying: A thief believes everyone else is a thief. That is the case with

By Meenakshi Lekhi October 04, 2020

Tiger tackling dragon in style

India has banned 118 more Chinese apps, dealing another blow to China’s earnings

By Meenakshi Lekhi September 20, 2020

Improving learning competence

India is one of the few countries that have brought out policies in alignment with

By Meenakshi Lekhi September 06, 2020

Beginning of a harmonious phase

The construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is neither anti-secular nor anti-dalit. In

By Meenakshi Lekhi August 23, 2020

Crushed from within

The disagreements between Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former deputy

By Meenakshi Lekhi August 09, 2020

Transgenders in uniform

In a major push for gender reform, the Union home ministry is set to allow

By Meenakshi Lekhi July 26, 2020

Funding Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

The shocking revelation that the Communist Party of China donated money to the Rajiv

By Meenakshi Lekhi July 12, 2020

Support from agriculture

The Union government is eyeing the positive growth in the agricultural sector to

By Meenakshi Lekhi June 28, 2020

Support, don’t mindlessly criticise

The economic stimulus package of Rs20 lakh crore, announced by the Narendra Modi

By Meenakshi Lekhi June 14, 2020

Short-term service, long-term gain

The proposal by the Union government to induct civilians into the Army for a

By Meenakshi Lekhi May 31, 2020

More than just buildings

The Supreme Court has refused the petition seeking a stay on construction of the

By Meenakshi Lekhi May 17, 2020

Cushioning the blow

The 40-day lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19 has led to a sudden increase

By Meenakshi Lekhi May 03, 2020

Be responsible and patient

The Tablighi Jamaat congregation risked the lives of millions in the name of

By Meenakshi Lekhi April 19, 2020
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