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Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi is an MP from New Delhi constituency, and the BJP's national spokesperson. Lekhi is a lawyer in the Supreme Court.


An iron laugh

Hardly anyone, on the morning of August 5, would have imagined they were set to

By Meenakshi Lekhi August 17, 2019

Opposition wants to play China

The ongoing budget session of Parliament, that also conflates the customary monsoon

By Meenakshi Lekhi August 03, 2019

NDIAC Bill: Aiming to create strong, arbitration-friendly jurisdiction within India

The past fortnight has been very important in Parliament as many important bills,

By Meenakshi Lekhi July 20, 2019

Water conservation need of the hour

Someone said, “If you don’t want mental hydration then think about water

By Meenakshi Lekhi July 06, 2019

Time for Mamata to shun sectarian ideology and politics of appeasement

After the high of a long and draining election campaign, followed by celebrations of

By Meenakshi Lekhi June 22, 2019

Big message from a big win

The 2019 elections, defying all speculations, resulted in a massive victory for the

By Meenakshi Lekhi June 08, 2019

Lok Sabha poll results: Lessons for the opposition

India, being the largest democracy in the world, has always been observed keenly by

By Meenakshi Lekhi May 25, 2019

Cornering Masood Azhar

Amid the heat of election, we got something good to hear and celebrate. In a great

By Meenakshi Lekhi May 11, 2019

‘Rahul Gandhi tried to create a Bofors out of Rafale deal’

Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of

By Meenakshi Lekhi April 27, 2019

Comparing the manifestos of Congress, BJP

There has always been a difference between the top-down model of governance and

By Meenakshi Lekhi April 13, 2019

Eight-point report card for Narendra Modi

American author Jill Telford once wrote—“Vote as though your life depends on it.”

By Meenakshi Lekhi March 30, 2019

Temple must be built at the site

The recent decision of the Supreme Court to refer the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid

By Meenakshi Lekhi March 16, 2019

India in no mood to forgive

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, he drives [them] mad.” In the current

By Meenakshi Lekhi March 02, 2019

Mamata’s political misadventure

The recent incident in Kolkata, where the chief minister of the state, Mamata

By Meenakshi Lekhi February 16, 2019

Threats issued by the Congress

One of the prerequisites of a healthy democracy is the strength of its institutions.

By Meenakshi Lekhi February 02, 2019
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