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Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari is an internationally acclaimed artist, based in Mumbai. He is the founder member and president of Kochi Biennale Foundation. He also curates exhibitions and projects of fellow artists.


Free lunches, anyone?

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. There could be some, though. India,

By Bose Krishnamachari March 18, 2018

An art fair to remember

Recently the India Art Fair, which was launched in 2008 by Neha Kirpal, concluded

By Bose Krishnamachari March 04, 2018

Art, in the pink

There is something new in the country to be cheerful about. This, at a time when

By Bose Krishnamachari February 18, 2018

Culture and the city

Last week, I was invited to converse on public art in VR Bengaluru. Why doesn’t the

By Bose Krishnamachari February 04, 2018

Meeting Serendipity, in Goa

Curation, not creation, is king, says Steve Rosenbaum in his bestselling book

By Bose Krishnamachari January 21, 2018

Let a thousand festivals bloom

As regular readers of this column know, I like to visit art exhibitions during my travels. Recently, I...

By Bose Krishnamachari January 07, 2018

Art ark of CiMAM

We are inundated with events. We see and hear announcements about fairs, conferences, talks, seminars,...

By Bose Krishnamachari December 24, 2017

Institutions and memories

The curtains, as I said in my last column, never come down in Buenos Aires. One of the memorable...

By Bose Krishnamachari December 10, 2017

Where the curtains never come down

Some places in the world overwhelm you with their diverse and rich cultural heritage. The...

By Bose Krishnamachari November 26, 2017

History gets a new home

When I think about Bihar—other than its incredible history, rich culture and an ancient university—I...

By Bose Krishnamachari November 12, 2017

Clouds and Forests, in Moscow

Russia and Moscow have a special place in the heart of a Malayali. So, it was only natural that I was...

By Bose Krishnamachari October 29, 2017

Among floating worlds

It is strange how our relationship with a place grows with time, even if we only visit the place when a...

By Bose Krishnamachari October 15, 2017

By the banks of Bosporus

Istanbul is a unique city in the sense that it faces both the east and the west. It was formerly the...

By Bose Krishnamachari October 01, 2017

Let there be gardens!

Thanks to CHART Art Fair and Mark Rappolt, editor-in-chief of <i>ArtReview</i> magazine, I was invited...

By Bose Krishnamachari September 17, 2017

Repurpose heritage buildings

There is more to Singapore than just commerce. Last week I was in Singapore for the Signature Art Prize...

By Bose Krishnamachari September 03, 2017
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