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Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor

An author, politician, and former diplomat, Shashi Tharoor is a Lok Sabha MP. Former Minister of State for Human Resource Development in the Government of India, Tharoor has also served as the United Nations Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information.


Biden vs Trump again?

Biden and Trump have been pro-Indian in orientation, and hostile to China

By Shashi Tharoor June 04, 2023

China complicates Indo-Russia bonds

There is increasing talk that the yuan will be Russia’s main trade currency

By Shashi Tharoor May 07, 2023

How Centre is using money as a weapon

India is now led by a government that is inclined towards coercion and control

By Shashi Tharoor April 09, 2023

Debunking Deepak Bagla’s hype

Beyond claims of high FDI, why are our own businessmen afraid to invest in India?

By Shashi Tharoor March 12, 2023

Pride, not prejudice, is the way forward

For India story to continue to glow, BJP must abandon politics of minority-bashing

By Shashi Tharoor February 12, 2023

What makes Indians succeed in the west

Shashi Tharoor looks at the rise of the Indian diaspora

By Shashi Tharoor January 15, 2023

A new world order is in the making

Deglobalisation is in, democracy is out

By Shashi Tharoor December 25, 2022

Shashi Tharoor on the rise of electoral autocracies

Some strongmen have fallen, but there are still enough around the world

By Shashi Tharoor November 13, 2022

"Congress must truly become the party of young India": Shashi Tharoor

It should appeal to the large untapped political potential of unemployed youth

By Shashi Tharoor October 16, 2022

Latin Catholics not anti-development; they fear for fishing community's existence: Tharoor

Six decades ago, they gave up a church to establish Thumba rocket launching station

By Shashi Tharoor September 18, 2022

Britain not ready for brown PM, says Shashi Tharoor

No one should underestimate the lingering racism of the general British public

By Shashi Tharoor August 21, 2022

Shashi Tharoor on why India will never have its own BoJo moment

In India, no party has mechanism to recall a leader like Tories did with Johnson

By Shashi Tharoor July 24, 2022

The lessons we can learn from history

It is not history that has led to atrocities

By Shashi Tharoor June 26, 2022

‘This time, Muslims of India will resist’: Shashi Tharoor on Varanasi

Marginalisation of Muslims from the national narrative continues

By Shashi Tharoor May 29, 2022

Our globalised world is less able to cope with war: Shashi Tharoor

The Ukraine war has already affected us in India, and most of the rest of the world

By Shashi Tharoor May 01, 2022
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