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Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor

An author, politician, and former diplomat, Shashi Tharoor is a Lok Sabha MP. Former Minister of State for Human Resource Development in the Government of India, Tharoor has also served as the United Nations Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information.


Why a new Parliament, when Modi does not respect the house, asks Shashi Tharoor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched a full-frontal assault on critics of

By Shashi Tharoor November 14, 2021

Pluralism is in very nature of India; BJP is challenging it: Shashi Tharoor

The mounting unpleasantness of communal bigotry in our country prompts me to look

By Shashi Tharoor October 17, 2021

Education policy-makers should not forget digital divide: Shashi Tharoor

Some readers may recall a story from last year’s lockdown that is seared into my

By Shashi Tharoor September 19, 2021

Everyone must follow international rules, even the US, says Shashi Tharoor

On June 24, the United Nations General Assembly voted for the 29th time in a row to

By Shashi Tharoor August 22, 2021

Free our universities: Shashi Tharoor

Universities are meant to be hotbeds of argument, debate and dissent

By Shashi Tharoor July 25, 2021

Indo-Pacific will remain hub for maritime, economic cooperation: Shashi Tharoor

It is fascinating for old hands of global diplomacy when new terms of art emerge and

By Shashi Tharoor June 27, 2021

Moditva doctrine is all about autocratic concentration of power: Shashi Tharoor

Is democracy under threat in India? Indeed, has India already ceased to be

By Shashi Tharoor May 30, 2021

Shashi Tharoor on the need to avoid a Cold War between US and China

Even as the world continues to grapple with the ravages of the Covid pandemic,

By Shashi Tharoor May 02, 2021

Kerala should end over-dependence on remittances: Shashi Tharoor

As I write these words, my state is riven in a bitter election campaign, with harsh

By Shashi Tharoor April 04, 2021

Hate machinery’s new target

During the unpleasantness surrounding the arrest of 22-year-old activist Disha Ravi,

By Shashi Tharoor March 07, 2021

The battle to belong

When these words appear, our 71st Republic Day will just be behind us. Our national

By Shashi Tharoor February 07, 2021

Time to approve dual citizenship

When my son Ishaan―a part-Malayali, part-Bengali, part-Kashmiri, who was born in

By Shashi Tharoor December 13, 2020

The war against the majority

I received an interesting email the other day from a friend, Prabhu Guptara, urging

By Shashi Tharoor November 15, 2020

The leveller of cities

It is becoming increasingly clear that, whether we like it or not, the Covid-19

By Shashi Tharoor October 18, 2020

Word’s worth

I have been a bit bemused by the reputation I have acquired in our country for

By Shashi Tharoor September 20, 2020
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