Multifaceted Mozez Singh

Mozez’s restless mind rarely demands a break

Rizz—the catchword of 2023—is possibly a tad overused, but let us hand it to people who don’t acquire ‘rizz’. They are born with it. I place storyteller, filmmaker, writer, producer, director Mozez Singh in this coveted category. He has ‘rizz’ written all over him! Today, he is poised to make a major mark in the cut-throat world of films, with a soon-to-be launched documentary on another Singh—popular rapper and hip-hopper Yo Yo Honey Singh. The trade buzz is strong, and it is being hailed as one of the top Netflix releases to look out for in 2024. Mozez called it an “exhilarating experience”, describing the process as an “adrenaline-filled creative ride… and my entry into the hypnotic world of documentary filmmaking”.

Mozez tasted success with his earlier films (Zubaan, Human and White Noise), and won the prestigious Rising Director Asia Star award at the Busan International Film Festival. Today, he is amongst a small, select group of talented filmmakers who are sought after by prestigious production houses. Please note: his ‘rizz’ factor does not originate in his movie triumphs. Mozez just has to walk into a room to create an impact. It is his unique personality that draws attention even before anyone knows who he is. Chameleon-like and mercurial, man-boy Mozez has become a muse for several top designers who see a global, magnetic personality in him. Given his lithe good looks and an extravagant wardrobe that can go from Tom Ford to Goa beach hippie chic, Mozez revels in the attention and remains a perennial sartorial adventurer. As a clothes horse, his gender fluid appearance provides inspiration for cutting-edge fashion shoots that break the mould.

Mozez Singh with actor Urfi Javed | PTI Mozez Singh with actor Urfi Javed | PTI

Flamboyant and androgynous, Mozez himself could be the subject of a future documentary, given his charmed life. “Fashion should be freeing,” Mozez stated in an interview, living up to his commitment towards normalising LGBTQ+ choices.

Mozez’s aesthetic comes from his beautiful mother, Maheep Singh, whose wardrobe he used to raid growing up in their sprawling mansion in Delhi. His collection of bold jewellery is from Hanut Singh, his childhood friend.

A life of privilege, for sure—Mozez’s grandfather was the founder chairman of Ranbaxy, a legacy pharmaceutical company. Mozez could so easily have been another entitled Delhi brat, running around the world doing his richie-rich celebrity thing. That he chose to come to Mumbai and made his career in an entirely different field is to his credit.

Mozez was a precocious 13-year-old schoolboy when I first met him at his stunning Delhi bungalow, filled with contemporary art and rare silver. I was there to shoot for a magazine feature, that required a tiger skin for me to pose on. Dilip Mehta, the renowned photographer and a friend of the Singh family, picked their magnificent residence for the shoot. Suddenly, I noticed two teenaged boys lurking around and gawking at the strange spectacle being staged—Mozez and Hanut! Today, we share a terrific friendship and share our views on anything and everything—from politics to books. His bachelor apartment, in trendy Bandra, boasts an impressive library, where he spends most of his time reading, writing and creating. With his frequent travels to exotic destinations in India and across the globe, Mozez’s restless mind rarely demands a break.

I like his spiritual energy field—as an ardent Shiva devotee it was the beautiful altar at the entrance of Mozez’s super-chic apartment that left the strongest impact. Shiv bhakti and avant-garde fashion—great combo!