Guest Column

Allow captive cultivation of cannabis

Cannabis has been an important medicinal plant for centuries, rooted in Indian

By DR Ram Vishwakarma May 20, 2018

50 plus? Take care of your bones

Osteoarthritis, more common among women, increases multi-fold after menopause

By Dr Jatin Talwar & Dr Gaurav P. Bhardwaj May 13, 2018

Data protection rules and 2019 elections

GUEST COLUMN On March 25, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ran full-page

By Kamlesh Bajaj April 22, 2018

Why this desperation to win?

Cricketers are getting the wrong kind of attention at the moment. When it should be

By Sanjay Manjrekar April 08, 2018

Break the walls

President Donald Trump has already built a wall, but it is inside his head. No

By Jorge Ramos February 18, 2018

The big health debate

Ayushman Bharat is the title under which two revamped health programmes were

By K. Srinath Reddy February 18, 2018

Continue the reforms

India’s GDP growth averaged about 7.5 per cent between 2014-15 and 2016-17. Although

By Sandip Somany February 04, 2018

Liberty vs entitlements

When a large part of the economy is in the informal sector, it is difficult to get

By Mudit Kapoor February 04, 2018

Not the bill we need

The health sector in India is at a crossroads. In the recent past, there have been

By Dr Arun Bal January 21, 2018

An evolving economy

Businesses will have to improve on key competencies to adapt to the changes and emerge as winners

By Harsh Mariwala December 24, 2017

Advertising in the new age

The challenge of creating content for multiple platforms and different audiences is real. But with an...

By Josy Paul December 24, 2017

Embrace the warmth

Point Hope, Alaska, is tiny and ill-provisioned, an Arctic backwater so inaccessible that basic...

By Jeff Jacoby December 24, 2017

A man without character

A former DGMO reveals his impressions of Musharraf and his frank assessment of the security...

By Lt Gen (retd) Satish Nambiar December 24, 2017

A question of survival

Global warming, one of the most severe tests in the history of mankind, can only be overcome by working...

By Dr Harsh Vardhan December 24, 2017

Anti-life development

Human ingenuity cannot replace the services of nature

By Janaki Lenin December 24, 2017
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