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Many international decor trends are reaching Indian shores—from green indoors to sculptural lights. We have been talking about sustainability and environment-friendliness for a while now. Finally, we are seeing new-age renditions of what, some might say, are age-old concepts. While environment continues to be a trend, innovation in materials and technology has broken the glass ceiling of firmly-held conceptions. Lights are no longer just for illumination; they take on the mantle of quasi-art. And who would have thought of bold colours and patterns under our feet just a few years ago? Your home is a reflection of who you are, so find out which of these trends align with your inner being.


It does not matter if the house is big or small, plants are the new living room accessory. Choose between a heavily forested look, if space permits, or tiny pots overflowing with creepers on your book shelf. And one no longer needs to worry about muddy spillage and constant watering. There are now Internet of Things (IoT) enabled apps like Malee that allow you to water your plants from, say Hawaii!


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The artisanal micro-trend also stems from the mega trend of environment-friendly interiors.Working with natural materials and hand-made objects, it celebrates the relationship between man and nature. Although historically, Indian design has been craft and artisan-driven, there are few names from India that make the cut internationally. Kaaru, an Indian artisanal design and architecture firm, found its first buyers in Japan more than 20 years ago. More recently, Adam D Tihany, the design firm from New York which worked on the renovation of The Oberoi, New Delhi, used Kaaru’s design for the screen in the new lobby.


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There is a party out there. Think oversized foliage, even a messy undergrowth dotted with creatures of the wild. Flora, fauna and the wild—all sit happy and you can choose whether to have them together or individually; maybe on a wallpaper or on cushion covers. Even though this trend started a while ago in the west, it is now becoming big in India. It might have seemed a bit overwhelming initially, but we have made our peace with having the forest so close at hand! Think jewel tones of foliage, the bright spots on butterfly wings and the glistening eyes of a panther lurking behind the imagery.


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Another trend is to have lights that double as quasi-art. Innovation in materials and finishes now allow combinations of, say marble and metal, or stone to be finished to look like metal. The lighting industry has been quick to adapt these technological advancements to create lights that look spectacular during the day, and when not functioning as lights.


gallery-image Flooring by Bolon

For a while, bold graphics and colours were only on rugs, but this season, we are seeing them even in wall-to-wall solutions. Very soon in India we will have the kind of colourful flooring that Swedish company Bolon had showed recently. Colours and patterns are big and we are a tad surprised at the speed with which this trend is gaining traction.