This 26-Year-Old YouTuber Educating Millions with Authentic Content

rajaram prasad

In a digital landscape flooded with content creators, 26-year-old YouTuber Rajaram Prasad stands out for his commitment to providing fact-based information to his audience. Hailing from Jharkhand, Rajaram has achieved over three million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 'Sikhe All In Hindi', all thanks to his informative videos.

Reflecting on his journey, Rajaram shares, "Life's twists and turns gradually led me here. I vividly recall the challenging period during my exams when my father passed away after battling paralysis. In those moments, my primary concern was providing for my family's needs day by day. As I matured, I took on any available job to ensure our survival. It's been a journey filled with struggles and hardships, but it's brought me to where I am today."

Unlike many content creators, Rajaram's focus isn't solely on creating similar content but on making a difference. "Nowadays, people are vulnerable to misleading information, and my motivation was to counter that," he emphasizes.

Starting the journey with his YouTube channel, 'Sikhe All In Hindi', Rajaram later expanded his reach to blogging with News9to5 due to the increasing affection and positive feedback from his audience. His unique approach and vision have garnered attention, drawing people to his content.

For Rajaram, the motivation behind his work begins from his personal experiences. "During my graduation, I fell victim to scams as a result of false advertising for trading and deceptive offers. It was at that point I realised I didn't want others to experience the same, leading to the inception of my channel," he explains. Since then, his focus has been on assisting people in avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation, considering it a duty towards society.

"'Sikhe All In Hindi' is not just a tech channel; it's also a factual channel where you receive information based on facts. My motivation is to provide accurate information to people so that they can trust what is real, rather than what is merely conveyed through words and texts," Rajaram asserts.

Addressing numerous false and misleading topics in his blogs on News9to5, TechFdz, Loverbabu, and his YouTube channel, Rajaram has become a beacon of reliability for his audience. With a subscriber base of 3.48 million and growing, his dedicated efforts continue to educate and empower viewers, one fact at a time.

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