Farmers protest in Europe and beyond

Angered over government and European Union policies, farmers from across the world are staging violent protests. Unhappy over the current scenario, farmers vow more protests in the coming weeks.


The 'Delhi Chalo' protest is being staged to demand a legal guarantee of MSP for all crops, full debt waiver for farmers, pension and the implementation of the Swaminathan Commission's formula.


Polish farmers are blocking roads nationwide, protesting against EU environmental policies and unfair competition from non-EU nations, particularly concerning climate policies and food imports from Ukraine. In Warsaw, clashes with police erupted as farmers burned tyres in violent protests.


Tractors blocked highways near Paris on January 29 demanding better pay, and protection from foreign competition.


On January 8, nationwide protests erupted in Germany over subsidy cuts. Farmers organised the demonstrations in reaction to the government's move to phase out a tax break on agricultural diesel.


On February 10, Spanish police clashed with farmers and truck drivers in Madrid as they attempted to block the main highway. The farmers protested against EU environmental regulations, excessive taxes, and bureaucratic hurdles.


Italian farmers have organised a convoy on Rome's ring road to protest the reduction of support for the agriculture sector, including the EU's agricultural policies.


Hundreds of outraged farmers, driving tractors, entered Brussels and staged a protest in front of the European Parliament, denouncing high taxes and rising expenses.