Survey reveals countries with the most connected travellers

Travel A new survey shows that mapping features are the most popular travel-related services used by connected travellers

It seems that Chinese and Thai consumers are the most tech-savvy travellers in the world after a survey found that 65 per cent of respondents from both countries use their mobile device to book or plan part of their holidays.

For comparison, that figure falls to less than half (48 per cent) among Americans.

Those are among some of the conclusions from a TripAdvisor survey that polled 44,000 travelers around the world on their mobile travel habits.

In fact, survey results showed that emerging markets have a large number of connected travellers, with nearly half of Asians falling into this category. Countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia for instance cracked the top 10 list, outranking the US and Australia.

Globally, about one in four (42 per cent) of travellers used their smartphone to plan or book their holidays. The most popular way to use mobile devices while on holiday? Using geo-locating mapping services to help lost and bewildered tourists find their way. Or look for the nearest restaurant, and things to do. Likewise, connected travellers will use their smartphone to read reviews, look for hotels, and make a restaurant reservation.

The results of the survey are in line with the growing emphasis on mobile devices within the travel industry.

Hotels, for instance, are launching mobile apps that allow guests to text their requests directly to the front desk, and are transforming smartphones into key cards for hotel rooms.

For air travel, the mobile device can be used for everything from digital boarding pass, passport scanner and in-flight wallet.

Here are the world’s most connected travellers

  1. Thailand 65 pc

  2. China 65 pc

  3. Brazil 59 pc

  4. Indonesia 59 pc

  5. Malaysia 53 pc

  6. Spain 52 pc

  7. Italy 49 pc

  8. US 48 pc

  9. India 47 pc

  10. Australia 47 pc

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