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Wondering why you find hair on your pillow every morning despite taking good care of your tresses? Perhaps, you are doing something wrong. Seeking help from professional hair experts might help, but the cost and time involved could be a major deterrent. Besides, why walk into a hair salon when nothing is out of control? All you need to do is make the 'wrong' right.

Say no washing hair everyday

If you wash your hair everyday then it's time you stop doing it. Washing hair everyday loots hair of its natural moisture and oil from the scalp, leaving it dry and brittle, with weak roots. If your hair gets greasy too soon, then washing it every alternate day could be a better idea. Also consider oiling your hair before every wash. Hot oil head massage is not only healthy and relaxing but can also take you off from the stress of daily jittery schedules.

Water matters

Never open the red-doted tap for washing your hair. Rinse your hair with either cold or warm water, but never with hot water as it makes hair dry and brittle. Warm water is better for hair wash, especially after an oil massage as it opens pores of the scalp and allows hair roots to absorb the oil. Not just the temperature, but even the force of water can play havoc with your hair. The more forceful the water flow, the higher the chances of losing hair. And remember to leave your hair loose after washing to avoid breakage and knots. Also, avoid using blow dryers to dry hair as hot air could cause hair follicles to crack.

Chemical-based culprits

It is tough for chemically-treated hair to be healthy. Hair-colouring dyes, hair straightners, chemical smootheners—they all have long-lasting negative impact on hair health. While it is easy to avoid many chemicals that are often used in salons for various hair treatments, refraining from using chemical-based culprits for hair damage at home could be tougher than it seems. Yes, even your shampoos, conditioners and serums are chemicals. Depending too much these could escalate your hair problems, including hair fall.

Watch your diet

Diet is as important for hair growth and maintenance as it is to keep your body and mind healthy. Drink as much water as you can—at least eight glasses—a day to keep your hair healthy. Keeping hair hydrated with plenty of water makes it stronger and less prone to breakage. Adding Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables to your diet could help in producing collagen (protein) which plays major role in keeping hair healthy and strong.

Beat stress for beautiful tresses

Stress and hair loss go hand in hand. Being often stressed out could be one of the reasons for hair loss. Experts believe that stress could trigger resting phase in hair follicles, thus causing hair fall. Once stress is under control, the follicle would naturally promote hair growth without any treatment or medication. 

Thing to do before you hit the bed

Split ends are one of the major causes of hair loss. To avoid split ends and frictional breakage, fold the tips and tie up your hair before hitting the bed. Leaving hair loose can result in frictional breakage of hair when it comes in contact with the pillow and bedsheet. It is this hair that you find on your pillow the next morning. In addition, applying and leaving an aloe vera gel hair mask  overnight could help in frizz control.

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