Heart bangs are the latest romantic hair trend

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This summer is all about wearing your heart on your face. Weeks after Kendall Jenner's famous 'heart hair' selfie became the hottest thing on Instagram, it transpires that Korean girls have been getting creative by incorporating the shape into their bangs.

All summer, South Koreans have been rocking heart-shaped bangs for a cute and quirky look, as a quick Instagram search of the hashtag "#하트앞머리" (which translates to "heart bangs") will confirm.

According to, the look is achieved using a combination of hair curlers and hair spray to twist and lock the bangs into shape. The cutesy look is more of a one-off than an everyday staple but is perfect for social media selfies, often accompanied by a hand gesture that involves crossing the thumb and forefinger to create a matching heart sign.

Arranging your tresses into romantic compositions has been the overriding hair trend of the summer season—earlier this summer model Kendall Jenner made history when she posted a picture of herself lying on the floor in a gorgeous white lacy dress with her brunette locks spread out around her face, arranged into a halo of the lovely shapes. The picture garnered a staggering 3 million double taps to become the most-liked photo ever on Instagram, bumping big sister Kim, who previously held the title for her wedding snap with Kanye, off the top spot.

Hair and beauty fans immediately set about recreating the pose themselves, and #hearthair became an almost overnight trend, with men, women and children all getting in on the act.

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