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Finding cure through ayurveda

2014_06_shahnaz Shahnaz Husain | Aayush Goel

Ayurveda is not merely a system of healing, but a way of life. However, there are several myths associated with ayurveda. In conversation with THE WEEK, beauty expert Shahnaz Husain shared the effect ayurveda has on health and beauty, and called it a holistic system, which takes diet, exercise, lifestyle, relaxation and massage into consideration.

In her own words:

  • Ayurveda advocates a lifestyle that strengthens the immune system and keeps diseases at bay. The influence of the mind on the body is upheld by ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda prescribes yoga and meditation, to bring about harmony of mind and body.
  • The diet is important for both health and beauty. Ayurveda advocates a diet that is high on fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed cereals, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds and yoghurt. Such a diet provides a general feeling of well-being and vitality, and improves the mental outlook. It helps us cope with stress, boosts self-confidence and adds a zest to life.
  • The same goes for exercise. It not only benefits the physique, but reduces stress and improves the health of the skin and hair. Exercise tones the muscles, increases stamina, improves blood circulation, imparts vitality and promotes good health. Without physical activity, you actually encourage premature ageing, lack of energy, chronic fatigue and lethargy.
  • Ayurveda recommends Pranayama, which encourages correct breathing. It helps to reduce stress, increases oxygenation and improves blood circulation, which helps supply essential nutrients to the skin and hair. It also promotes the removal of toxins. It tones the skin and imparts a healthy glow. It also keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. It also helps in dealing with stress-related conditions such as acne, hair loss and dandruff, as well as heart ailments and diseases like diabetes. 
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