Missing crowns


Well, you must have heard the one about the thieves who broke into a sperm bank. OK, doesn't matter. This one is about thieves who broke into a grocery, popped open 1,200 bottles of beer and left without drinking a drop. That's right, not a drop.

It happened in Mulheim, Germany. The shop owner found the door forced open, but what stunned him was the sight of crate after crate of opened beer bottles. The bottle caps, aka crowns, were strewn on the floor. Investigators soon found two clues: all the crowns were not there and all bottles were of the same brand, König Pilsener.

The brewery was offering a promotion through points inscribed under the crowns, and the thieves, perhaps, badly wanted the prizes. It's 1,500 points for a Bose SoundLink Mini speaker, 1,200 points for a Black & Decker portable drill and so on. If I had 300 points, I would have gladly traded them for that custom-made German beauty—a 17mm spanner with a bottle opener at the other end. Tell me it's not a conversation starter. Can't blame the teetotal thieves, can we?

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