Dino escapes the net


For geeks who want to stay in the loop, there is nothing more annoying than a dead Wi-Fi connection. Except maybe those Candy Crush invitations on Facebook. But every dark cloud has a silver lining. Apparently, Google Chrome has a hidden game that users can play offline. With your Wi-Fi off, try typing in the name of a website on the homepage. Google’s pet, a tiny black-and-white T rex, says you are offline. Now, press the spacebar. Voila! The creature is alive and running.

One of Google’s most delightful hidden features, the game offers a fun way to channel offline rage. The determined dinosaur runs through a never-ending desert, trying to stay alive by jumping over clusters of cacti. Hit spacebar again to make it jump and take a screenshot of you score—the game doesn’t retain progress and begins afresh each time.

Taking note of its popularity, Google has even launched the game on Google Play. So, online or offline, the T rex will continue its quest. But why would a dinosaur run through a desert? And why would cactus be its Achilles heel? One would check it out, but darn it, the Wi-Fi is dead!

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