Bottoms up

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is receiving support from a, well, uncommon corner. “We are small but powerful group that encourages Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016,” bottomforhillary.com says. “We recognise the unbelievable force that is Hillary Clinton. So much so, that we admit that we would willingly bottom for her.” No, we will not elaborate on bottoming.


Yes, the group was launched by a gay―Ryan, 23, from San Francisco. No, he did not give a second name or a phone number. Ryan says it was conceived as “a fun way for people to show support for a presidential candidate”. The website sells a T-shirt and tank top at $18.75 each; they carry the slogan I’d Bottom for Hillary Clinton. There is also an Instagram page called bottomforhillary with 2,505 followers.

But not all gays seem to have got the joke. They do not buy Ryan’s argument that “bottoming for someone takes a lot of trust and understanding.” In the gay community, the term often refers to effeminate men. So, doesn’t the T-shirt suggest that Hillary is more masculine than the wearer (even if the wearer is a man)?

Political analysts in the US feel that Hillary herself might not like the allusion because she has often been portrayed as a ‘masculine woman’. Hillary has had to prove that she is man enough for the jobs she has held and woman enough, well, because she is a woman. Reportedly a natural brunette, Hillary coloured her hair blonde to enhance her femininity.

So, do check with her before you go further, Ryan.

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