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Hemant Oberoi

Hemant Oberoi

Hemant Oberoi is the corporate chef and grand executive chef of the Taj chain of hotels. A multiple award winner, including the Executive Chef of the Year Award by H&FS Hosts, Oberoi brings over 30 years of culinary expertise to the table.


Serve, with a smile

Hotels and airlines have been major partners in the hospitality industry for long. It is the food and...

By Hemant Oberoi June 26, 2016

My mantra for Yantra

Life is full of twists and turns and you never know what destiny has in store for you. After four...

By Hemant Oberoi June 12, 2016

Go green, the natural way

India has enough to feed its population of 125 crore. The country used to grow fruits and vegetables on...

By Hemant Oberoi May 29, 2016

We are on board, folks

The news that chefs will be included in contention for Padma awards has been hailed by one and all in...

By Hemant Oberoi April 03, 2016

Wisecracks with Hillary

After the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008, several world leaders made a beeline for India. While some...

By Hemant Oberoi March 20, 2016

Wine fights whiskey

India is a country of walkers. Sorry, Walker. Johnny Walker, that is. It is jokingly said that India...

By Hemant Oberoi February 28, 2016

Staff over software

Hotels around the world are made of people, for the people and by the people. Best hotels have been...

By Hemant Oberoi February 14, 2016

Flavours from afar

The whole journey started in the late 1970s, when the boom was beginning in the Middle East. Oman,...

By Hemant Oberoi January 31, 2016

Destiny's recipe

No one can change destiny—whatever is written will happen. While growing up, I always thought what was...

By Hemant Oberoi January 17, 2016

A drink for the century

No one could have predicted the storm a cup of tea has unleashed in the 21st century. From chai pe...

By Hemant Oberoi January 03, 2016

E-way all the way

A million millionaires in a population of a billion sounds good, but that number is not so good....

By Hemant Oberoi December 20, 2015

Chaat with the Obamas

In my career, I have catered to heads of state, presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens. But...

By Hemant Oberoi December 06, 2015

Remembering that November

Another November of memories for me. For the average Mumbaikar and Indian, the night of November 26,...

By Hemant Oberoi November 15, 2015

The John Major curry

As a head and corporate chef for so many years, I had the best opportunities to cater to many heads of...

By Hemant Oberoi November 01, 2015

The wedding business

The decision to get married is taken by the bride and groom, but the lion's share of the worry goes to...

By Hemant Oberoi October 18, 2015
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