Rejoice, but don't get carried away


Dear Kohli,

Congratulations on your recent performance as captain and batsman. It is easy and common for people sitting outside to advise and criticise others who are in the thick of action. But, these are only my general observations that may help you to maintain your good performance even in future.

Cricket is a contest between the batsman and the bowlers. A lot depends on what one does at the spur of the moment using one’s skill, experience and, maybe, intuition. Every person has his strengths and shortcomings and, at times, luck. No one is a perfect batsman, bowler or fielder. But some are close to it and try to improve at every opportunity to learn and apply it in practice. You have been doing this. While your aggressiveness is often praised and has been effective, you need to use it wisely. A player cannot be written off because of one failure. You have shown this, since you have confidence in the player’s abilities. You have also encouraged the newcomers to do well in their debut.

You should not get carried away by the recent successes in India. The Indian pitches are familiar to most players. The pitches abroad are different and help fast bowlers. The players must learn to play fast balls in different environments. You must also have the best fast bowlers. Yet, you cannot ignore the two spin bowlers who bowl intelligently and are also good batsmen.

Finally we wish you all the best, because you deserve it.

K.R. Krishnamoorthy



Beware of complacency

Congratulations to you and your team for your string of successes in the Test

arena in the recent past, which has sent India soaring to the top of the table in Test rankings. Behind this outstanding run lies your innate ability to marshal your resources admirably and lead from the front in exemplary fashion with your own invaluable contribution in the form of tonnes of runs. Your players, too, have been vindicating their faith in you in splendid fashion and this has resulted in the whole team performing like a well oiled machine, steamrolling the opposition and proving your supremacy in all departments of the game.

Three Test double hundreds in a calendar year, too, is no mean achievement and the credit for that should go to you, for you have shown a very high level of concentration and have always placed a very high price on your wicket. Five series wins on the trot also signifies that your captaincy has been top class and that you have a cool head on your shoulders, which enables you to bounce back even when the chips are down.

All that you have got to do now, is to guard against complacency as that could affect the killer instinct that you and your team have been displaying. Here's wishing you and your boys a very happy new year and more sensational triumphs in your kitty.

C.V. Aravind



The new Master Blaster

Congratulations on your win. You are on a winning spree. Kudos to your strenuous efforts to clean sweep the Test series against England. Your 600-run mark is unfathomable. The win proves your matured captaincy at such a young age. By following in the footsteps of M.S. Dhoni you have proven yourself that you can lead the team unperturbed. You have broken the cocoon to become an independent personality to show your credibility as a team leader. Another master blaster is paving his way to the top of the list of run scorers.

Our Indian cricket team has a bright future under your incredible leadership. Your passion towards the game is truly laudable. Hoping that your leadership would always place India at the top in world cricket.

Arathi Raghuveer



Continue the dream run

I congratulate and celebrate with all fellow Indians on a phenomenal year for you as well as for the Indian cricket team. The start wasn't enthusiastic enough for us as we lost the ODI series against Australia, but from then on we were on top of our game in whatever format we played.

The year will also be known for your heroics, dominance and exceptional leadership qualities you showed while leading the side in Test matches or even in the IPL.

In Tests, it has been a dream run for India since 2015, and clinching the much-deserved number one position was the icing on the cake. The emphatic wins against South Africans and the New Zealanders proved our dominance in the format and the world heard the roar of the young team.

The team looks stable in all formats and is perfectly supported by a formidable bench strength. The only problem we had this year was players missing matches due to injuries, which would be a big challenge in the upcoming ODI series as well as the Test series against the Kangaroos. I take this opportunity to wish the very best to the team and to remain free from any injuries, while defending the Champions Trophy in 2017, and become number one in all formats of the game.

Abhishek Pratap Singh Sikarwar


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