A booby trap

media-trail-generic-ap-7 Media personnel gathered around defense lawyer Rajesh Tiwari (unseen) outside a juvenile court in New Delhi | AP

With the advancement in information technology, dissemination of news has become fast as well as furious, and the global events are being beamed live to every part of the world. This has resulted in the mushrooming of channels and the field has become highly competitive, at times even combative. To survive in such atmosphere, the media is forced to go after sensational news or to sensationalise news.

I do not believe that the high-octave debates can affect the probe as most of the investigating officers and judges are people with impeccable records and it is difficult to pollute their minds with speculative coverage. However, what is worrisome is the effect of media activism on the people involved. It is very difficult to redeem the image tarnished by such activism.

The salutary effect of such media coverage is that it keeps the investigators on their toes. They know that any misdemeanor on their part will get national attention.

What we require is responsible journalism, and not armchair journalism.

Dr Gopinathan
Malappuram, Kerala

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