A negative message


I was shocked beyond words when I learnt that one of the most reputed publishing companies of the country decided to keep the dais out of bounds for a woman author at the release of her own book because the chief guest, a swamy, refused to sit beside a woman. The book being based on the late President Dr Abdul Kalam only makes it even more painful.

You could have told the swamy that you are not prepared to oblige him and that your publishing company cannot support a revoltingly retrograde and misogynistic idea. He should have been told that conceding his demand amounts to discrimination on the basis of gender. But instead, you meekly buckled under the pressures of the patriarchal forces. You should have known that as a reputed publishing company, what you do has far-reaching effect on the general public, especially the youth.

The strong expression of indignation by the public was, however, a saving grace. It goes to the credit of the feminists and progressive social activists who staged such a strong, but peaceful, protest that the swamy cancelled his programme. Even you rightly called off the programme. I hope you won't err again.

Kurian Mathew,
Kochi, Kerala

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