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The Audi A6 Matrix impresses with a fresh design and fabulous ride

If one car in the Audi stable desperately needed an overhaul, it was the A6, the executive sedan which looked dated among its younger siblings. Audi has taken care of it with the new A6 Matrix. And, the adjectives chosen by the German carmaker to describe it—sporty, progressive and sophisticated—aren’t unfitting.

Thanks to the fresh design, the A6 Matrix is sharper and crisper than its curvy predecessor. The beautifully designed LED headlights and taillights add to the ultra-premium look. But be warned, there aren't any new colours on the new car, unlike the Q3, which got a facelift a few months ago. There is a reason, as Audi India chief Joe King said: when it comes to the A6, Indians mostly go for black or white.

The interiors of the A6 Matrix are spacious and luxurious, with beige upholstery in Milano leather, dark wooden veneer in a raw look, a four-zone automatic air-conditioning system, a front centre armrest, auto dimming interior mirrors and the tasteful ambient lighting. The car comes with a delightful array of gadgetry—from a driver infotainment system with a 20.32cm colour display to Bose surround sound system, every conceivable luxury has been thought of and integrated seamlessly.

Powered by a 1968cc inline four-cylinder 35 TDI diesel engine with a VTG turbocharger (maximum power output of 190hp@3,800-4,200rpm and 400Nm of torque @1,750-3,000rpm), the A6 Matrix has a 7-speed S-Tronic transmission. The combination works fine, but I could not help wondering how amazing the car would have been with a 3.0litre engine.

The A6 Matrix offers a flawless ride, thanks to its front and rear adaptive air suspension and 245/45 R18 tyres. At no point, even while tackling corners or narrow stretches, did its long bonnet or bulk cause a problem. The multi-function, electromechanical precise steering with paddle-shifters offers accurate feedback. The car is eager and torquey, and reaches 100kmph in 8.5 seconds flat. Besides all the regular safety features, it comes with side impact protection on four doors and eight airbags, including rear side ones.

If you are an “achiever” or a “success-driven individual”, as Audi India would like its buyers to be, the new A6 Matrix should be on your radar.

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