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Vandana Kohli

Vandana Kohli

Handling multiple roles is something Vandana Kohli does with ease and panache. She is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, teacher, photographer, columnist and commentator on issues of social relevance and gender. She has a keen interest in the human mind, behaviour and efficiency.


Blanking out in the digital age

Data files are read by software and the speed at which things are changing

By Vandana Kohli December 28, 2017

Smarter than before?

On a recent visit to the US, an uncle of mine lamented a broken refrigerator that needed fixing. The...

By Vandana Kohli November 15, 2017

A Sound grounding

I entered my mum-in-law’s house the other day to see a young, unfamiliar boy standing by the dining...

By Vandana Kohli November 14, 2017

In short bursts

The prospect of my morning exercise routine loomed over me as a stressor. Though I manage stretches and...

By Vandana Kohli October 16, 2017

An efficient farce

Schools, especially the so-called leading ones, have moved to sending assignments to students on...

By Vandana Kohli October 03, 2017

Pink or grey

In the film Stanley and Iris released in 1990, Stanley, an illiterate cook at a baking factory’s...

By Vandana Kohli October 03, 2017

Checking for excessive anxiety

A friend complained that his sister wasn’t listening very well, these days. “I call out to her or say...

By Vandana Kohli August 14, 2017

Stress buster

I met a friend recently after a few years. The last we had met was when she was coping with an...

By Vandana Kohli July 31, 2017

The social media menace

So, the German Parliament has indeed gone ahead and ratified a law that will impose fines as much as...

By Vandana Kohli July 11, 2017

A verbal tide

A year ago, in June 2016, singer Sona Mahapatra was in the news for things apart from music. She had...

By Vandana Kohli June 29, 2017

Man as God

The story of Wonder Woman has it that Diana (future Wonder Woman) is brought up by the Amazons, who are...

By Vandana Kohli June 23, 2017

A bond beyond species

Several years ago, on Eid, a friend of mine found a stray puppy. She took him in and called him...

By Vandana Kohli June 16, 2017

Different faces

In a popular advertisement on television, two women want to know where their colleague Sam is from. One...

By Vandana Kohli June 01, 2017

Staying unconnected

The joke goes that a lady boarded the Tube and was offered a seat by a courteous man. “No thank you!”...

By Vandana Kohli May 23, 2017

The positive touch

In the latest celluloid version of King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword, Arthur escapes as boy after...

By Vandana Kohli May 19, 2017
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