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Sanjna Kapoor

Sanjna Kapoor

True to her genes, Sanjna Kapoor, daughter of actor Shashi Kapoor, has carved out a niche for herself in the world of theatre. After managing Prithvi Theatre for almost two decades, she moved on and co-founded Junoon, a theatre organisation.


Thanks, thanks and ever thanks

I know that I want to see an India where every child grows up exposed to our performing arts and has...

By Sanjna Kapoor April 23, 2017

Tots and lots of happiness!

What better way to celebrate the World Theatre Day (March 27) than by concluding a five-day workshop...

By Sanjna Kapoor April 09, 2017

The art of managing theatre

India’s first theatre management training programme—SMART (Strategic Management in the Art of...

By Sanjna Kapoor March 26, 2017

Made in India!

Twenty-two years ago I received a fateful message on my pager (way before the age of mobile phones)...

By Sanjna Kapoor March 19, 2017

Does anyone have my back?

What does it feel like to be a citizen of a land of free speech, a land that respects human rights and...

By Sanjna Kapoor February 26, 2017

The festive season of theatre

As the Bharangam theatre festival in Delhi commences, followed by the International Theatre Festival of...

By Sanjna Kapoor February 12, 2017

The show must go on

As I read, with a heavy heart, of the imminent closure of “The Greatest Show on Earth”, a strange (and...

By Sanjna Kapoor January 29, 2017

Shifting sands

As we enter a new year I pause to take stock of the year that was, and look ahead with trepidation at...

By Sanjna Kapoor January 15, 2017

New sounds, empty of noise

Recently, at a gathering of school students who I spent an hour with, sharing our love of poetry, a boy...

By Sanjna Kapoor January 01, 2017

Superhero factory

In a world that is getting more and more besotted with superheroes, who save us from the quagmire that...

By Sanjna Kapoor December 18, 2016

Philanthropists, imagine new cities

The word philanthropy is derived from the Greek word philanthropos meaning “man-loving”. How much...

By Sanjna Kapoor December 04, 2016

How my laughter saves me

All I have is my robust and noisy laughter to keep me sane at moments of immense shock at human...

By Sanjna Kapoor November 20, 2016

For a creative tomorrow

I grew up in a family that had values, but never spoke of them. This was before the age of needing to...

By Sanjna Kapoor November 06, 2016

Nurture, foster, enable

Seven decades of independence is a good enough time to review our policies, structures and schemes that...

By Sanjna Kapoor October 23, 2016

KatKatha, an inspiration

One of my fondest childhood memories is of a frequent visitor at our breakfast table—a mischievous wild...

By Sanjna Kapoor October 09, 2016
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