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Nupur Sharma

Nupur Sharma

Nupur Sharma is executive member of the BJP in Delhi, and manages media relations for the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. She was Delhi University’s students’ union president in 2008.


To even the odds

Much has been said and written about Delhi’s sickeningly-high air pollution levels and the...

By Nupur Sharma February 07, 2016

Why the veil, Kejriwal?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Arvind Kejriwal. The ongoing events where you are “breaking news” (or rather...

By Nupur Sharma December 27, 2015

Selective rage, elective returns

I have been waiting patiently since November 5, 2015—the day of the last phase of voting for the Bihar...

By Nupur Sharma December 06, 2015

A vote against jungle raj

London, 2010. A party colleague, the very person who was instrumental in my foray into politics, wakes...

By Nupur Sharma November 08, 2015

A showboat, scuppered

I woke up early on September 12, rubbing my eyes and eager to know the results of the Delhi University...

By Nupur Sharma October 11, 2015

Stalling diaries

With UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi making fleeting statements and calling suspension of her party’s 25...

By Nupur Sharma August 30, 2015

State of the capital

With Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finding yet another tactic to remain alive in the news and in...

By Nupur Sharma July 26, 2015

Marriage of inconvenience

Such is the jealousy (read political insecurity) in the opposition parties that all Toms, Dicks and...

By Nupur Sharma June 21, 2015

Off course, of course!

In today’s day and age when planning is thought to be imperative in any policy-building exercise the...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

...and who is your number one?

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Brazil to attend the BRICS summit days after the railway and...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

Why the selective outrage?

While India reels under a spate of crimes against women and those committed by fanatics, some of our...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

In the name of love

The endless debates on love jihad on national television have prompted me to pen this. They cite...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

A Berlin love story

Last month, I was invited to Germany to complete the last leg of the Konrad Adenauer School for Young...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

East is the best

The proverb that actions speak louder than words, often drilled into us by teachers, preachers and...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015

Misplaced fears

It is a cold Monday afternoon as I sit down to write the column. Earlier in the day, a propagandist...

By Nupur Sharma March 19, 2015
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