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Nandita Das

Nandita Das

An actor, director and an activist all rolled into one, Nandita Das is as well known for her award-winning performances on the screen, as for her campaigns for social justice, gender equality and human rights.


The power of the written word

It has been close to eight years since I began writing in THE WEEK. Month after month, writing the...

By Nandita Das March 19, 2017

Truth is not an option

These days, ground realities seem to have little use in politics, reminding me of George Orwell’s...

By Nandita Das February 19, 2017

Lest the eyes adjust

2016 has not been perceived as a good year and for good reasons. And, therefore, 2017, even though an...

By Nandita Das January 22, 2017

No Shyam in sight

In less than three months, I will start shooting my film, Manto, based on the life and works of one of...

By Nandita Das December 25, 2016

No time to despair

The day of Donald Trump’s shocking victory was a day of gloom for me. I scoured newsfeeds and was glued...

By Nandita Das November 27, 2016

Unburden, we must

I participated last week in a day-long festival of ideas and conversation on gender empowerment. It was...

By Nandita Das October 30, 2016

In pursuit of being good

Since I have dived into my Manto film, wearing the hats of writer, director and producer, my Sundays...

By Nandita Das October 02, 2016

Reflections in August

Our Independence Day is meant to be a reminder of the incredible idea of India that has endured many...

By Nandita Das September 04, 2016

Every life matters

I recently read a very moving account by someone named Jamie Davenport, who was travelling on a local...

By Nandita Das August 07, 2016

Some random musings from Paris

This comes to you from Paris, a city I first visited exactly twenty years ago, and several times since....

By Nandita Das July 10, 2016

Emotional professional

Yesterday was the last day of my son’s school and his most favourite teacher, Peter, was leaving for...

By Nandita Das June 12, 2016

Test of time

These days Vihaan, my son, and Manto, my protagonist, consume me fully. And in different ways, I...

By Nandita Das May 15, 2016

The ant in the ear of the elephant

Twenty-five years ago, I walked with thousands of farmers, tribals and activists in a five-week...

By Nandita Das April 17, 2016

Listen, Young India speaks

The problem with monthly columns is that anything one wants to say about a pressing recent incident has...

By Nandita Das March 10, 2016

The troll story

I seldom feel like responding to accusations or giving explanations, but today I want to reflect aloud...

By Nandita Das February 21, 2016
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