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Ajish P Joy

Ajish P Joy

Ajish P. Joy, Deputy News Editor, specialises in International Relations—in which he has a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University—with the spotlight firmly on the US and the Middle East. His other areas of interest include democratic reforms and energy security.


Bear unchained

With Russia opting to take the plunge in Syria, the US and its allies could be forced to change their...

By Ajish P Joy October 11, 2015

Left hook

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party in Britain could fundamentally alter...

By Ajish P Joy October 04, 2015

What lies beneath

Germany’s new refugee policy could push the war-torn countries of the Middle East into a deeper crisis

By Ajish P Joy September 20, 2015

Law and disorder

The alienation of the marginalised groups and the ethnic minorities could undermine the political...

By Ajish P Joy September 13, 2015

Outside influence

Independent senator Bernard Sanders has some catching up to do to pose a serious challenge to Hillary...

By Ajish P Joy September 06, 2015

Bang in Bangkok

The bomb blasts in the Thai capital could badly affect tourism, hurting the country's economy

By Ajish P Joy August 30, 2015

Critical mass

In spite of public opposition to nuclear power, Japan has decided to restart the reactors

By Ajish P Joy August 23, 2015

Deeper waters

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is fishing for political benefits, not an economic catch, in...

By Ajish P Joy August 16, 2015

Trump card

The unexpected surge of Donald Trump points to the increasing alienation of the Republican core

By Ajish P Joy August 02, 2015

Deal ordeal

The Iran agreement could define Barack Obama’s legacy

By Ajish P Joy July 26, 2015

Tactical shift

Energy security and the future of Indian expats in the Gulf will affect Narendra Modi’s approach...

By Ajish P Joy July 19, 2015

Chequebook diplomacy

Under China’s leadership, business sans ideology could be the motto of the new Asian bank​

By Ajish P Joy July 12, 2015

Predator files

The United Nations remains a toothless tiger even as its peacekeepers are accused of sexual abuse

By Ajish P Joy July 05, 2015

False impressions

It seems to be a season of scoops for The Sunday Times. Last week, the newspaper owned by Rupert...

By Ajish P Joy June 28, 2015

Sultan in a soup

With a less-than-sterling performance in the parliament polls, Erdogan sees his agenda stymied

By Ajish P Joy June 21, 2015
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