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Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is India’s flagbearer in women’s tennis circuit. She achieved a career-high world ranking of 31 in singles in 2005. Sania is now proving her mettle in doubles and mixed doubles.


A life dedicated to tennis

The game of tennis is the fulcrum around which my life has revolved ever since I was a little girl. I...

By Sania Mirza February 05, 2017

New year, renewed drive

Professionals all over the world, who play tennis for a living, do so with single-minded focus....

By Sania Mirza January 22, 2017

The X in success

My doubles partner from Czech Republic, Barbora Strycova, and I have now played four tournaments...

By Sania Mirza October 16, 2016

New partner, new record

Tennis is a dynamic game, and one has to constantly adapt, change and improve in order to survive at...

By Sania Mirza September 04, 2016

Beyond the baseline

The life of a professional tennis player is unique. And, because I pioneered women's tennis in India, I...

By Sania Mirza July 31, 2016

London’s darling

I have been coming to London to play at Wimbledon every year since I made my debut here in 2001 in the...

By Sania Mirza July 10, 2016

Will you take a leaf out of my book?

When I started playing tennis more than two decades ago, the professional game in India, especially in...

By Sania Mirza May 29, 2016

My feline family

I loved having pets as a little girl and have enjoyed their presence at home over the years. At various...

By Sania Mirza May 01, 2016

India vs Pakistan at home

Cricket fever is raging in India with top teams sweating it out to seal their place in the semifinals...

By Sania Mirza April 03, 2016

Partner perfect

Finding the right partner can be the key to success in doubles. Two good tennis players may not end up...

By Sania Mirza March 20, 2016

Tennis not for vegetarians

Tennis is a very physically demanding sport, and it is critical to be in the best shape possible in...

By Sania Mirza March 06, 2016

Why I love Australia

The Australian Open has given me great memories that will last a lifetime. It was here, in 2005, that I...

By Sania Mirza February 21, 2016

Family time is here again

Customarily, December is family time for me and I stay at home during this month, preparing for the...

By Sania Mirza January 17, 2016

All play, all work

November and December are the months when professional tennis players get a break from world-ranking...

By Sania Mirza December 13, 2015

Honours roll in

I think 2015 was in many ways as perfect a year as one can ever have in a sport like tennis, so I...

By Sania Mirza November 29, 2015
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