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Maroof Raza

Maroof Raza

A former Indian Army officer, Maroof Raza is a commentator on strategic and military affairs. He is an author and has worked as a television journalist.


Expect more shocks in Punjab

Any serious observer of terror attacks on Indian soil over the past 25 years can see the Pakistani deep...

By Maroof Raza January 24, 2016

New strategic equations

Since 1958, when Japan chose to give official development assistance (ODA) to India—its first to any...

By Maroof Raza January 03, 2016

Catching up with terrorists

Terrorism is both an ultra-modern and a very traditional conspiracy. Suicide bombers are revered before...

By Maroof Raza December 13, 2015

Playing with fire

It is believed that most nations come together either for improving the life of people with economic...

By Maroof Raza November 22, 2015

Back to the Cold War brink

In an attempt to take the initiative out of the hands of the US and its Arab allies, Russia has...

By Maroof Raza October 25, 2015

The mighty Indian retaliation

All through the month of September, India’s military establishment celebrated as the 50th year of—what...

By Maroof Raza October 04, 2015

Mortal obsession

Above all else, it was Pakistan's obsession with Kashmir that led to the collapse of the NSA-level...

By Maroof Raza September 06, 2015

Chinese checkmate

Even before the ink had dried on the joint statement that followed the meeting between Prime Ministers...

By Maroof Raza August 02, 2015

Message from Myanmar

India’s recent attack on militant groups operating out of camps in Myanmar has created considerable...

By Maroof Raza June 28, 2015

Local challenges, global goals

For a country to attain global pre-eminence it must address the key objectives of national and...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015

Choose your side, world

In a welcome move, New Delhi has called off the talks scheduled between foreign secretaries of India...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015

Commitment issues

Now that the hype about Prime Minister Modi’s well choreographed visit to the US has died down, it is...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015

Perception is everything

Prime Minister Modi's visit to Japan and the strong message of strategic cooperation sent out by the...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015

Talk to the generals

Even though SAARC is a group of eight south Asian countries, the recent summit in Kathmandu was...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015

December debacles

Even before the gruesome attack at an army school in Peshawar, many in Pakistan had regarded December...

By Maroof Raza March 18, 2015
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