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Manu Chandra

Manu Chandra

Manu Chandra is the chef partner of Monkey Bar, The Fatty Bao and Toast & Tonic. He is also the executive chef of Olive Beach.


Creating a new normal

All good things must come to an end, they say, and this one is the last piece that I would be doing for...

By Manu Chandra May 14, 2017

A sweet memory

Seven in the morning, that’s usually when the Gurbani would start playing, streaming out of the meshed...

By Manu Chandra April 09, 2017

Beneath the blue ticks

A few days ago, my brother asked me why I did not have a single one of my social media handles...

By Manu Chandra March 26, 2017

The new food hubs

It has become rather evident in the last few years or so that much of the growth of the unstructured or...

By Manu Chandra March 12, 2017

Oh the yum-yum brownie

I’ve used this space to express opinions, evoke concern for dying foods and traditions, and...

By Manu Chandra February 26, 2017

The long and chop of it

While writing this piece, I did some research, trying to determine the per capita consumption patterns...

By Manu Chandra February 12, 2017

The gluten-free hack

I had recently written about the increased dependence on single strains of wheat and rice, and the...

By Manu Chandra January 29, 2017

Reviving real bread

I may sound like a stuck record when I keep on harping about the loss of biodiversity, or at least the...

By Manu Chandra January 15, 2017

Wonders of winter

Winter has to be my favourite season! As much as for the cool morning breeze and the Tabebuia rosea in...

By Manu Chandra December 18, 2016

More to Italy than pizza

I just returned from a wine conference in Rome, which brought together wine makers and vineyard owners...

By Manu Chandra December 04, 2016

Cock-up in the kitchen

Enough has been written about the explosive growth of restaurants in nearly every major Indian city in...

By Manu Chandra November 20, 2016

A toast to wine

That India has always been a largely brown spirits market (rum and whiskey) cannot be contested....

By Manu Chandra November 06, 2016

Plates change. Palates, too.

I recently received a link to an article on the gourmetfication of India. The piece was a somewhat...

By Manu Chandra October 23, 2016

Gorge and yet be lean

At a cooking demonstration I recently conducted for a group of educated and well-heeled ladies, I...

By Manu Chandra October 09, 2016

The problem of plenty

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. While I can completely relate to, and even appreciate this...

By Manu Chandra September 25, 2016
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