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Mallika Sarabhai

Mallika Sarabhai

Mallika Sarabhai wears many hats—dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and civil rights activist. She campaigns for societal education and woman empowerment through stage shows by her dance company, Darpana.


March of the greens

Having worked as a publisher of Inside Outside magazine for many years in the 80s, I am well aware that...

By Mallika Sarabhai August 02, 2015

Wake up and smell the earth

It has been an interesting week for me, with inputs to set my mind buzzing.Earlier in the week, I...

By Mallika Sarabhai July 05, 2015

Wedlock or deadlock

Have you ever wondered when and how the institution of marriage started and for what? Or have you never...

By Mallika Sarabhai June 07, 2015

The power of one

I have written in this column earlier about my American friend, brought up in the hippie culture of the...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

A Polish delight

They were not Polish concentration camps. They were German camps, situated in Poland, as transporting...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

Bringing up mother

Dhaniben faced the surveyor with some trepidation, playing with her infant nervously. They were in a...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

Toasting the town

It is rare in India to have social classes mixing for pleasure. Whether it is in a political rally or...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

World of good news

The news of the shootout at a school in Peshawar has devastated many of us. Even those among us who...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

Bound by nothing

We are unbecoming, unhinged, undone, unencumbered. We are marooned in the moment, a collision of hard...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

For a saner, kinder world

There is a furore on in France about a new set of textbooks and their illustrations. Wanting to be...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 18, 2015

My mother's signature

Central and Latin America have always held a fascination for me. Having grown up listening to Latin...

By Mallika Sarabhai March 14, 2015

Home truths

Conventional wisdom among middle and upper class circles will have us believe that people live on the...

By Mallika Sarabhai April 19, 2015

Life is falling. Where are you?

Read any newspaper. Children are being diagnosed with diabetes, pulmonary problems and more. They are...

By Mallika Sarabhai May 11, 2015