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Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto

Known for his tongue-in-cheek humour, Jerry Pinto won the National Award for the Best Book on Cinema for Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb. The former editor of Man’s World is now associated with MelJol, an NGO that works for child rights.


Whose India is it?

That’s it,” said one of the academics at the table as the seminar at Wellesley College ended. “Time to...

By Jerry Pinto April 23, 2017

Power of written words

After nearly 30 years as a writer, I should have the moves down pat. I should be able to think and to...

By Jerry Pinto April 09, 2017

The myth of the perfect family

It seems as if the middle-class is programmed to believe that the perfect family is not just possible...

By Jerry Pinto March 26, 2017

A priceless experience

The standard advice you are given when you go abroad is, “Don’t convert.” Not to another faith, no....

By Jerry Pinto March 12, 2017

Thriving in chaos

We all know what we should be doing. We should eat less, we should exercise more, we should stop to...

By Jerry Pinto February 26, 2017

Bothering otherings

I am always mildly surprised at how easily the personal comment comes to the tongue. I meet someone I...

By Jerry Pinto February 12, 2017

Fail again, fail better

By the time you read this, I will probably have made a complete ass of myself, but that is what happens...

By Jerry Pinto January 29, 2017

Reading the runes

At the end of the year, one is always being asked questions that are almost unanswerable. One of them...

By Jerry Pinto January 15, 2017

We have failed you

I sometimes feel like going up to the young children I see and apologising to them. “I am really sorry...

By Jerry Pinto January 01, 2017

An anthem we don’t understand

If you read the Constitution of India—take some time off, do, because in dark times, it can be a beacon...

By Jerry Pinto December 18, 2016

Take note of change

When I was young, I was told that the government had demonitised the 5,000-rupee note. I did not quite...

By Jerry Pinto November 20, 2016

Putting pen to poopaper

A friend of mine wrote me a letter. Not an email, a letter. Most of the letter was about writing the...

By Jerry Pinto November 06, 2016

Rough and tough cough

My rule for myself is: do not sneeze or cough when on the phone. This is not because it is impolite—I...

By Jerry Pinto October 23, 2016

Shower cowering and plugging woes

I have been in three separate hotel rooms in the last two weeks. This is not a boast, it is a lament....

By Jerry Pinto October 09, 2016

My Mother Teresa moment

I once walked into the Sophia College Campus and Mother Teresa was walking among a group of students,...

By Jerry Pinto September 25, 2016
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