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Ilina & Binayak Sen

Ilina & Binayak Sen

A paediatrician and human rights activist, Binayak Sen is the vice-president of People’s Union for Civil Liberties. His wife Ilina Sen, who is a professor at Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, is also a human rights activist and an academician.


Farewell, fair friend

We deeply mourn our friend Praful Bidwai, a renowned columnist, who passed away in Amsterdam last week....

By Ilina & Binayak Sen July 12, 2015

Lyrics of liberation

Chhattisgarh’s well-known and much-loved ‘lok shayar’ (people’s bard) Faguram Yadav died on May 7. He...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen June 14, 2015

Cup of starvation

There is a common perception that the condition of workers in the organised sector is, in general,...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Moving testimonies

We were fortunate to be able to view filmmaker Amar Kanwar’s installation at a group showing of...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Forgotten legacy, forlorn reality

Since 1991, September 28 has been observed by the toiling people of Chhattisgarh as the shahadat diwas...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Healthy deliberations

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international not-for-profit organisation that consists of a network...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Fast and spurious

Hearts bleed for the scandalous deaths of women following mass sterilisation at Bilaspur, even as...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Christmas in Kolkata

After many years, one is struck by the mood of general festivity that accompanies Christmas in Kolkata....

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Stuff sans fluff

The 'Cinema of Resistance' movement began in 2006 as a protest against glitzy film festivals. The CoR...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 17, 2015

Hope in the time of hate

The bombing of Palestine seems to have opened the floodgates on a new cycle of barbaric cruelty if we...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 16, 2015

Lady Pluck

The 17th Pritilata Waddedar Memorial lecture was recently organised at the School of Women's...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen March 28, 2015

Revolutionaries, revisited

The encounter with Pritilata Waddedar last month was followed by further exploration of the lives of...

By Ilina & Binayak Sen May 10, 2015