What's eating Indian sport CANDID TALK

What's eating Indian sport

Cricket is considered to be a gentleman’s game. In India, it is regulated by a nonprofit...

By Vinod Rai | December 24, 2017
Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De

Novelist and columnist Shobhaa De has always been outspoken in her writing and views on urban India. The former editor of magazines like Stardust, Society and Celebrity, has been a model and scriptwriter.


  • Cary Grant of the East

    Cary Grant of the East

    By Shobhaa De | December 17, 2017

    How can anybody write an ‘objective’ obituary about someone who has been a lifelong crush? I was Shashi Kapoor’s fan girl from the moment I made his screen acquaintance. And...

  • The underutilised Vidya

    The underutilised Vidya

    By Shobhaa De | December 03, 2017

    Let me state it upfront: I am prejudiced in favour of Vidya Balan. She is Bollywood’s most underutilised resource. Even if that does not matter to Vidya herself, it matters one...

  • A bull and the power of love

    A bull and the power of love

    By Shobhaa De | November 19, 2017

    Last week, the goddess-like Member of Parliament fromMathura (her cherished constituency) nearly locked horns with a rampaging bull on the platform of Mathura railway station. We...

  • Rewriting the governor’s role

    Rewriting the governor’s role

    By Shobhaa De | November 05, 2017

    The first time I met Kiran Bedi was at a high-profile felicitation function in Mumbai. She had just won a prestigious award and was on cloud nine. She was then the much-admired...

  • The Arya magic

    The Arya magic

    By Shobhaa De | October 22, 2017

    Many, many moons ago, I walked nervously into the imposing <i>Times of India</i> building in Mumbai for a modelling assignment. I was directed to a studio by the editor of...

  • The good judge wins it all for us

    The good judge wins it all for us

    By Shobhaa De | September 10, 2017

    Like me, there are millions of Mumbaikars who are noise-sensitive. As Indians, we tend to ignore high decibel levels, preferring to shout when we can speak less belligerently....

  • A lot to crow about Croatia

    A lot to crow about Croatia

    By Shobhaa De | August 13, 2017

    When I jauntily suggested a Croatian cruise to my husband, I had very little idea about this fascinating and very young country, which attained its independence in 1991. I had...

  • Mumbai’s tryst with female diplomats

    Mumbai’s tryst with female diplomats

    By Shobhaa De | June 18, 2017

    I hadn’t realised Mumbai’s diplomatic corps is verily bursting at the seams with amazing women—five consul generals, no less! Each exceptionally accomplished, attractive,...

  • Aishwaryaa on the apple box

    Aishwaryaa on the apple box

    By Shobhaa De | May 21, 2017

    A ravishingly beautiful young woman, with fresh mehendi drying on her palms, walked up to me at a high-profile wedding in Udaipur recently, and whispered, “I am Aishwaryaa....”...

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