Shades of monotony

Shades of monotony A Barnes and Noble employee holds a copy of EL James' new book 'Grey' during a promotional event in New York | AP

So we read three volumes of a sexual romance from the viewpoint of the ingenue protagonist and helped make the author E.L. James a jettison into the bestseller league, with a three movie deal to boot. Now, James gets the brooding; 50 shades messed up grey eyes and Grey-named hero to tell the same tale. Were you expecting it to be any different? No prizes for guessing that it isn't.

James may be a successful writer, but no one has ever called her a good writer. She has limited vocabulary, and what she does with language is nothing short of sadism in itself. Her `Grey' turns out to be the same fifty shades, whether seen from Anastasia's powder blue eyes or from his own steel ones. If anything, Anastasia's story was a little more gripping for it was told first.

Which doesn't mean that critics and fans should shun the latest. We all continued reading the trilogy even after having established early on the quality of the literature, didn't we? And to be fair, once we began reading, it wasn't easy to put down the books halfway. You wanted to get to the end, however predictable it seemed. Grey is made of similar stuff and should be treated as such. Actually, I think it will be.

The one redeeming bit about this version is that Christian's story is linear, without the judgmental behaviour of either a subconscious that looks over half moon spectacles or an inner goddess that turns cartwheels.

Somewhere, one gets the feeling that James is seeing herself in the role of a Dominant herself, treating all her readers as obedient subs. In her foreword, she says that this book is dedicated to those readers who have asked... and asked... and asked... and asked for this. All we can say then is that you get what you deserve.

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