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Fake I-T officer drama shows all is not well in late Jayalalithaa's family

PTI6_11_2017_00117B [FILE] The fake I-T officer who came to raid J. Deepa's house surrendered on Monday | PTI

The fake officer surrenders, claims plot was hatched by Deepa's husband

If Indian politics is a movie theatre, Tamil Nadu is definitely a multiplex, showing different genres of films—action, drama and comedy. To those who have been watching the several episodes of the state politics, particularly the scenes unfolding in the AIADMK and its late leader Jayalalithaa’s family, Monday’s development was the icing on the cake, that came much handy for the meme creators. 

In a dramatic turn of events, the fake Income Tax officer who knocked at the doors of J. Deepa, the president of MGR Amma Deepa Peravai, on February 10, surrendered before the police, and alleged it was Deepa’s husband Madhavan who engaged him to act like an IT officer. 

His confessions threw yet another bit of dialogue adding more colours like a comedy track in an action film. Identifying himself as Prabhakaran from Villupuram, he confessed before the Chennai police that he came into Deepa’s house on the instructions of Madhavan. “He gave me a search warrant and an ID card, saying it was only for a rehearsal for a movie and to test if I can perform well as an artiste for an upcoming movie. When I came in there and when we saw the media and the police, Madhavan asked me to jump off the wall and run away. So I escaped from the spot,” he told the police.

The city police have registered a case and have been interrogating Prabhakaran while Madhavan is reportedly absconding. It was around 5.30 am on Saturday when Prabhakaran, under the guise of a Revenue officer in the IT department called Mitesh Kumar, came in for a search at Deepa’s house. The word of I-T raids at Deepa’s house soon spread and media and police officials came to the spot by 7.30 am. As soon as the police began developing suspicions, Prabhakaran ran away from the premises.

It was not long ago, the family, including Deepa, her husband Madhavan and her younger brother Deepak, were seen engaged in a war of words in front of Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden residence. The drama unfolded on a Sunday, making apparent the family infighting among the three. It may be recalled that Madhavan, who was once with Deepa, supporting her in launching a party, later came out of the MGR Amma Deepa Peravai to launch a new party and called himself as the real the AIADMK. Later, Madhavan was said to have rejoined Deepa’s party. But now the new IT-officer drama bring back to light that all is not well in the family.

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